Friday, July 25, 2014

JVC Sports Handfree Earphone HA-EBR80 Review

I have two more earphones pending for review and today I will share with you the JVC ear clip earphone model HA-EBR80 that comes in 4-color namely purple (A), black (B), red (R) and silver (S). The model that was shared with me is the B version and this review is based on the HA-EBR80-B or black model. This earphone cost RM149.90 and can be purchased at all electronic shops carrying JVC products (Radio Shack has them stocked).
The earphone in blister pack
Such fancy description, what is it anyway?
It is a sports clip headphones with 1-button remote & mic for hands-free operation ideal for exercises and fitness activities.  
Sport Remote+Microphone
What it really meant is, It is a sweat-proof earphone that is secured around your ears, with full hands free functionality and it will allow you to talk/answer phone while you are working out. 
Compatible smart phone models. Sorry, Androids not fully included (and I've tested on Xiaomi Mi3)
If your original hand free kit when you purchase your iDevices or Blackberry has been out of service and you are looking for an alternative, but hate Bluetooth devices (as it meant additional battery to charge on daily basis if used heavily), then this could be a good replacement. 
The clip (curve part) can be moved up or down
A quick jump to the features:
  • 1-button remote and mic for iPhone / iPod / iPad / BlackBerry
  • Sports clip headphones with adjustable clip structure which has five selectable position for secure fit (slide up or down)
  • Bass-boosting earpieces
  • 4 colour selections
  • Powerful 13.5mm neodymium driver unit
  • Conversion cable for compatibility of most of smartphones
  • 1.2m cord with gold-plated iPhone-compatible slim plug
Real Feel Usage
The unit comes with a one-button remote. It is compatible with most phones except some others (like my Mi3) that asked for more than one button to control media (volume, skip track etc).
    One button operation
    Minimal issue for me as I have little intention to use this on my Mi3. However, I have reason to use this for my daily conference calls with my other colleagues globally using my previous phone, which is an iPhone 4. It worked wonderfully as how an Apple device should be (minimalist one-button do it all kinda thing-a-gy-mah)
Ready for calls
Comfort wise, the unit was used for no less than 4-hours of call that day when I tested it. The adjustable clip were good, as I am able to adjust the position of the speaker to be directly, or a little bit away on the fly.
clip retracted
clip extended
However, what I found could be better is that the earpiece itself to have more silicon coverage. The existing setup is adequate, and has proven to be OK for extended (4-hours) of calls. It could be my personal preference.
Yeap, minimal

  • Sweat-proof as I used it for walking with my dogs. 
  • Tested 1.2m cable is long enough to comfortably stretch between the PC (if used with PC/Laptop) during calls.
  • Clips offer good secured grip over the ears. Did not came loose in use (including fast walk)
  • Good sound quality for both voice and music
  • Sensitive mic - listeners on the other end of my con-calls never had issue hearing me when I speak normally
  • Selection of color and black is fine for a more executive look, particularly when you are using it for a con-call requiring Office Communicator
  • Or maybe I am just boring (referring to the black above :P)
  • Cable at 1.2m is too long to be used with phone or to be used for sports activity. Not really a con as you can always tie them up or put a cable organiser in between
  • Stiffer earpiece/rubber moulding may reduce comfort on longer use for some that may prefer softer feel, or a more fuller silicon pad (no pun intended and don't think otherwise)

Good conference call tools - and for light sports use too
Note: This pair of JVC Earphone is courtesy of JVC Kenwood Malaysia as part of product testing. Retailing at RM149.90 at major electrical and electronic stores, and at Radio Shack Malaysia. Opinion set forth in this write up is not influenced by JVC Kenwood and remain as my personal review opinions only. 

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