Friday, May 06, 2005

In Memoriam : OP Ridwan Md. Piah 1959-1964 Charlie Coy

I'm sad.

One senior friend, my ultra senior in RMC, passed away this morning. He had a stroke on friday, and was heavily sedated and succumb to it this morning.

I know the man.

He is also known as Riztone Mafia, otherwise fondly known by his batchmates as Koala Bear. Always seen driving his Hyundai Matrix around Section 16/17 PJ.

When i first know him, he pestered me over and over to let his attachment in my Alumni's yahoogroup to go through.

I always received calls from him, as to why his articles are posted. As to why his attachment does not go through.

As much as i loathed his pestering, i'm gonna know that i'll miss him that much.

Sir, May you rest in peace.

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