Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Official Results - Lumut

The results are out.

Here is the link: Results for Men 18-30

I'm race number 39, position 34. Did the whole full monty in:

Run 10km - 1.02.49 - I didn't push hard for this one, as i do not know what to expect in the 60KM cycle. My previous race was done in 1.04.46, so, a 2 minutes improvement.

Bike 60km - 2.23.01 - If the chain didn't snap, i would had registered somewhere 10 minutes faster. And IF i rode the Rincon instead of the Vesuvius, i would had improve it to about maybe 3 minutes faster. Previous 45km ride was done in 1.37.33, an extra hour for the 15km differences was unacceptable.

Run 8km - 42.35 - proud of this one. The previous race was done in 49.05 for only 5km!!! Improved by leaps and bound!!!

Overall time was: 10-60-8 - 4.08.25 position 34 out of 46 racers. OK, nothing to be proud of when it comes to position.

More Results for Lumut


  1. hi there, ur result arent bad. i think if i do individual i cant finish in 5 hours coz i cant run :) ooo, ur bacin's friend.

  2. I thought it would had been better if i could afford some road bike. But nothing beats slow twitch muscles and endurance.

    only managed a slow average on that old 15 years old trusty bike of mine.

    should had brought my other MTB, but was too lazy to switch tyres...

  3. stupe, its not about the bike. some can ride faster than me using mtb.

  4.'s all about the legs...that's what i told this bernard when he asked me to send my bike to the Perak Museum.