Monday, May 09, 2005

Malakoff Duathlon Series 2005: Lumut

Will be running, pedalling and running through the second instalment of this race series this year.

Distance to be covered: 10km running, followed by 60km biking and finishing it off with 8km run/crawl to the finish. Cut off time is same as before, race to start at 7.30am and finish at 12.30pm.

5 freaking hours and i guess if i have to crawl, i'll have to finish it.


  1. oh you are too fit. The Osim Tri would be nothing for you.

    by the way, I noticed that you've been visiting so I thought I should let you know that I've changed my blog from to =) see ya!

  2. Nope, i'm below average for the average joes.

    I have my 5 years plan, ie when i reach junior veteran category, i hope to be ranked, by then, well, that is assuming those that is in my age group now STP doing what they are doing. :P or should i errr...start breaking their legs everytime i see them running? ;-)