Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Piccie time!

Dinner at Teluk Rumbia, these group of dumas whipped out the food in muc so for carbo loading.
Dinner at Teluk Rumbia

The Start Line : Where every racer will have to pass it 5 times.

Steve Pedaling
steve pedaling

Stupe Pedaling
Stupe pedaling

Bean going for 8km run
bean running 8k

Bacin going for 8km run
bacin running 8k

Ashley going for 8km run
ash running 8k

Stupe going for 8km run
stupe running 8k

Stupe Slutting

Stupe chasing El
Dont run girl

El Jump on Stupe

Stupe Finished!!
stupe finished

The Light and Easy gang, short of a few others that went missing while the pics were taken.
the gang

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