Thursday, September 08, 2005

Hotel Room Hijacked

Just recieved an email from a friend stating that her/his room was hijacked right under her keyboard.

OK, i guessed all of you are thinking what is the fuss all about.

Next weekend is the Desaru International Triathlon. It borders on being a Half Ironman race.

Chris McCormack, the current world champ confirmed his participation ahead of the Next IronMan race (as a preparation la...profesional what).

This, it seems, has sorta made tonnes of *atheletes wannabe*, those that sit in the comfort of their couch surfing on channel 80-82 on Astro to catch Chris in action.

Here is the email excerpt (name changed to protect the victim):

"MayDay .. Hotel Hijacked !

Hello Everybody,

You are not going to believe this ..

Seems all the 4 hotels in Desaru are FULLY BOOKED.

Some say this is because everybody is going to Desaru to see elite
triathlete, Chris McCormack win this race without working up a sweat

Well .. the above theory sounds more logical than everybody going to
Desaru to see "me" fight for the second last positon (with you know who).


While calling up the hotel to recomfirm room reservations .. I found out
that someone had already taken the room that was book by Ms. A and me.

No Shit man !

Some "terrorist" group name WOOI-PENG have hijacked the hotel room that
was book by Ms. A and me.

Upon checking the hotel reservation computers, it seems the original room
booking was done for Ms. A and me.

Suddenly out of blue, a person name WOOI-PENG appeared, claimed our room
reservation and PAID IN ADVANCE FOR IT.

Computer error ? Missed communications ? Triple bribe ? Bad Karma ? Who
knows ?

But lucky for me.. I manage to secure another hotel room in Desaru.

How did I do it ?
No .. Not with MAGIC !! Cannot tell you gals and guys how I did it. But
some had speculate that I had informed the hotel that Penguin McCormack
who is Chris McCormack's "brother" needs a room or else !

But being triathletes of high moral substance, I hope no readers of this
site follow the way of Wooi Peng. And if you do ..

FOR GOD SAKE don't cancel Chris McCormack's room reservation and rebook
it under your name, paying in advance !

Now that I have SECURED a hotel room in Desaru, I have leisure time to
wonder what Ms. A ask me the other day.

"Could Wooi Peng be a horny and pretty female triathlete who just created
an eloborate excuse to meet us by hijacking our hotel room"

Its a long shot but I can see the IRON"

This of course, had me scrambling to check with the hotel i booked to see if my room has been hijacked....

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