Thursday, September 15, 2005

National Anthem

Negaraku will be changed to Malaysiaku.

The tune will be made slower to reflect what i've known since i knew what the song meant.

To be frank, i am rahter annoyed by some that take our country's independence, national anthem and flag as if it is some rubbish.

Some had resorted to calling our national anthem pirated from Terang Bulan (the Perak's state song) and some even say that we should now wear hula skirt and sing to it since it was taken from Mamula Moon.

I say, UP YOUR SORRY @$$.

If anyone were to say that we changed our National anthem so ever often with slow/fast tune, why not do some homework yourself?

go to the site stated below, and click and find under "U" for UK and US. See for yourself, the many variation of their own country's song.

Terang Bulan is actually an old *karaoke* song (if karaoke was invented back then) as if you listen to it, it is about men and their words!!!!

" Jangan Percaya Ujuran Lelaki, Berani Sumpah tapi takut Mati"

"do not believe the words of Man, dare to swear, but don't dare to die"

At least Negaraku has a more Dignified lyric, rather than asking their citizen to wage war.

Even the Mamula Moon (loosely translated as Mother Moon) most probably spoke about the same issues (ie love and men's word). I can't find the lyric but the song sure sound as sexy as Terang Bulan.

So, before any of you go and say that we are a nation of pirates (so???you mean to say you've not bought anything pirated/illegal???) and we are BOLEH-land, then why not start with yourself and try to remember what our National Anthem is all about.

Good site for National Anthem References

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