Monday, September 19, 2005

Could it be better than 7H 41Min?

The Desaru race has came, and gone.

In total, i travelled 113km in 7 hours 41 minutes. That's 245m/min. I suspect more as i was running in a criss cross manner towards the final 10km. Dashing to water station that never existed.

My swimming time was as per expected. Hardly nothing to brag about compared to some that could float through 1.5km in 18 minutes (PD Triathlon - one crazy girl!!!).

My cycling time, well, 4 hours 8 minutes. Averaging about 23km/h to cover those 90km. (yes, and i know many would agree with me that final hill climb, it was scary...).

My running time of almost 3 hours. Well, that's both embarassing and inspiring. My personal best 10km was done in 48minutes(Subang 10k). Best half i did was in 2H 16mins(KLIM - half marathon category).

I thought that if i could run an average 10km/h speed, which is like a breeze on non Tri days, i would be able to ace it in 2 hours 15min, max.

I was dead wrong.

Well, for one, my old bike, hardly a road bike and perhaps a mountain bike wannabe, it's more like a touring bike (a heavy touring bike), groupset of the lowest range in the Shimano family (heard of Altus???). Alloy rims that well, as heavy as steel rims, and a size too small for me (i bought it when i was 16, what do y'all expect?)

The only saving grace is the borrowed 1.1 slick tyres from Chucks Azmar.

Wifey asked me before i fell asleep after the race dinner.

"don't you think your biking is the one that is draining you out? you see, i see others strolling as they past the transition area, but you were like struggling on your bike" She said.

Struggled i did. others does the 90km in 3 hours or 3.30 with minimal effort, and some reportedly told me on the flat, they were maintaining a 50km/h with lil effort.

I was trying to get 35km/h on the flat, for crying out loud.

Azman (condolences to him for his dad's passing) did offer me his road bike. But i couldn't do it, it's not mine and i know he worked hard to get those wheels. I do not want to be damaging any parts of the bike for my personal glory. (i did offer to buy over Chucks tyre...)

End of the day, will i even match Zabil's or Steve's achievement of doing 6h30-6h45 even if i have a road bike?

nah...i doubt my current fitness level, i could perhaps improve the timing by what? 30 minutes max???

Meanwhile i keep thinking about this, anyone that is reading this and are in great *big hearted* mood to send me a free road bike (used or new), i'm more than welcome that.

IN CASE it doesn't reach me by Powerman this weekend, i'll use my Le Run again and promise to use that roadbike given FOC for next year races.


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