Monday, December 04, 2006

Colic Colic Colic

In case anyone thought i went to see the new Thai scary movie Colic, i haven't. And this is not a movie review either. I never do movie review. Not that i could remember i did any in this blog since it started 2 years ago anyway.

Everytime the baby cries, someone dies...

Now, even with the much anticipated Avent bottle that claimed to be able to lessen colic in infants, Ryan has what seemed to be a case of Colic yesterday. He was never this cranky and moody until yesterday.

He is eating really well now, drinking 4oz fl of milk every 3.5 to 4hours and sleeping in between. He is like an alarm clock, it's almost certain he would wakes up for his feed.

This, we thought, would had made me and wifey getting more rest at night with less frequent feeding. But we were wrong.

The colic has caused discomfort in him right after we overslept his 7am feeding time. He wakes up rudely, wondering why Ryan hasn't cried since his 3am feeding. It was already 8.30am on sunday when we realised that.

After the 8.30am feeding, he slept for an hour and then he woke up crying. Maybe a bad case of Bob the Builder in his dream, or the possibility of his mother or granma watching Bold & Beautiful with him in the morning sometimes, or even the possible fact that Barney had an effect on his REM in his sleep.

i gently tap his tummy and noticed that it has a lot of gas/wind in it.

"got to burp him more!", i told wifey.

Apparently it took wifey up to 15 minutes to burp him once after feeding. Not too good. The air isnt coming out.

So, later in the evening, and recalling what Dr. Amir's uncle, Dr. Yahaya's email to me about "5 common reasons why baby cries", i went to the local pharmacy to get some cure.

First in mind was of course, Wood's Gripe Water. Nada, it went out of stocks and there were still legends about the Gripe water being poison at one point of time many many years ago, and has since been not a favourite with many parents since.

So, the next possible answer to Colic was this medication called demethicone.

3. colic pain, the cry is intermittent, the abdomen appears distended, sometimes the coils of intestine give the abdomen a ridgy appearance. The cause of colic is trapped gas from bottle feeding when the child swallows air as he drinks. Breast feeding will reduce the incidence of colic.
The addition of simethicone or dimethicone ( eg Dentinox anti colic drops ) will help the baby to burp and reduce colic by preventing air trapping.

Dr. Yahaya wrote.

I bought a bottle for RM15.50 and the instruction was not more than 6 doses of 2.5ml a day. Could be taken with feed or after feed.

The Cure! The Cure! The Cure???

So, until this morning, me and wifey has given him 4 feed with Dentinox towards the end of the feed, usually about slightly less than 1 oz.

His condition improved and eventhough it takes slightly longer to burp him after every meal, it's the least we could do to make him more comfortable.

Of course me and wifey a bit stress with him crying and all. He is such a darling that do not cry unless he is hungry or he wet his nappies. Got to be level headed...I just pity wifey as she has to put up with the crying more often.

Other than that, Ryan is doing great. I swear he gained a kg or more as he is certainly not any kinder to my arms as i cradle him anymore!

Now, all my daddy needs to do is to take my breath away....

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