Friday, December 22, 2006

Sharing a Christmas Tree

Merry Christmas to everyone that reads my blog. Nevermind if you are not celebrating it, just enjoy the long weekend!

This year would be totally different as we have Ryan with us to celebrate his first christmas. And this is officially our first christmas as a Family!

Excited? You bet!

While we have most o the pressie for family done and wrapped up. Me and wifey are still short of one pressie for Ryan. Maybe the milk powder that i bought from some cronies yesterday could be wrapped up as pressie for him?



Anyway, as promised, our christmas tree!

This Xmas tree is 2 years old. We make it a point to buy one ornament a year. Last year was the big star which will be capped on the top of the tree. This year, we bought 52 assorted plastic decorative from Ikea and was given 1 nicely painted ball (which were painted from inside like the snuff bottles) and one angel which we are using to put at the top of the tree. We also bought extra lights, to make it bling!

I know, we are supposed to buy ONLY ONE thing, but can't help it la!

Merry Christmas to all, again!

I've no wishes for myself but just that my family would be safe from harm, get richer by the day and be as healthy as healthy can be!

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