Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Midnight Scare

Never too fond to receive midnight calls. Usually it's a bad thing. So, yesterday, it was out of the norm that i went to do everything earlier than before bedtime. I bathed earlier, i fed Ryan and put him to sleep earlier, i went to toilet earlier and basically, everything, earlier.

Guess i didn't see it coming.

At 12.30am, wifey's phone rang. It was my sis.

My phone were switched off because i do not want to receive call in the middle of the night like i used to get when some of the projects at work were at full swings. Those has to wait, if someone died at the work site, he has to wait until tomorrow. Getting there earlier won't bring him back to live.

"Ko, dad feeling dizzy and he fell down from the bed just now. Now he is vomitting", my sis said.

I rushed back home from PJ to Gombak, thank goodness that it's that time of the day where traffic was almost non existence except a few mat rempits and modified cars which thinks loud sound equals big horse power.

"Check his blood pressure", I told my sis as i was driving pass Help University College.

"Can't la, the BP monitor is with Ber Kor", she said.

Recalling how my aunt has bouts of high blood pressure during her pregnancy and the BP was lended to her.

"Give him his medicine, those statin stuff", i instructed her.

Dad refused to take. He continues to vomit, breaking out in cold sweat, shivering and says he can't open his eyes or the whole room would seems to spin.

I was telling myself that it might be his blood pressure. He had a stroke 2 years ago and i dread to think if this will happen again. The first one was a size of 50 sen and it's an infract.

With my hand shivering as i drove closer to home, i was prepared for the worse sight. Much like the one i seen 2 year ago when i waited for my dad to arrive from Kuantan at the Gombak Toll; speech slurring and half the body immobile.

I went upstairs, i swore my legs felt heavier with each steps. The denial and the possibility of what i would see.

There he was, lying down on his bed, with his upper body on the bed, breaking out in cold sweat and his thighs at the edge of the bed with his feet on the ground. His shorts were wet, due to the vomit. His lips were trembling and his eyes was like someone in REM (as in Rapid Eyes Movement, not the sing song band).

"Pa, you ok?", I asked, stupidly.

Of course he is not OK you Stupe. If else he won't be lying there!

Sis went over to the extended family and get 2 more far cousins to help carry him down to my car. Mum was anxious and every words i tried to use to calm her down only met with ice cold stare of uncertainty from her.

I drove as fast and as steady as i could to Selayang Hospital. The only other government owned hospital that i have faith in since December 2004. Arrived at the A&E and requested for a wheelchair.

"Bang, sorry, ada kerusi tak? Ayah saya mungkin kena serangan angin amar, dier ada history, pernah masuk sini", i told the attendant.

He pushed the chair near my car and helped me carry my dad. If only most of the government hospital is this courteous.

Sis then took a number for dad and we waited for 30 minutes before going into the pre-examination room. This could be a good sign, If he is in any danger, they would had pushed him into the Red Zone like 2 years ago. With that, i was a bit relieved. Dad could still speak clearly that that should be an indication that the stroke ain't coming as yet, if there is any this time.

The nurse called his number then had his BP, sugar level and heart rate taken. Everything within normal parameter.

"Uncle, uncle ada sakit dada?", the nurse asked.

I know she is asking that to rule out heart attack.

Dad complained to the nurse that his head is spinning.

"Kepala pusing, bukan sakit kepala", he said with his eyes shut tight, with one hand holding his forehead.

The nurse gave him an injection to lessen the spinning, which i suspect is some form of statin to thin the blood.

We were told to wait outside for doctor's examiniation.

It was also then that i see the extend of damage on his face the falling down from the bed has caused him.


We waited for a good hour before his turn came in. Telling myself that others are being called as they have more severe problem. 2 boys were admitted for broken arms.

"School holiday, boys naughty", my mum told me in hokkien.

With that,i know she is much relaxed.

tired of waiting, i asked the nurse when would be my dad's turn. There were only 1 doctor in the Green Zone on call that night, eventhough it was stated there should be 3. With that, dad's number were called.

Doctor did a more through examination on him again. Sis brought along his medical history from Klinik Kesihatan Awam Setapak.

Dad was diagnosed with vertigo about a year after his stroke. The imbalance liquid in his ears has caused him to lose his balance sometimes. This time around, it has caused him to have these dizzy spell and vomiting scare.

Doctor told me to wheel him into observation room.

"We wait for the medicine the nurse injected to wear off first to monitor his condition", Dr. Hirul said.

So, i wheeled him into the Emergency ward, passing by the Red Zone and Yellow Zone to the Observation ward.

ECG was done to check for heart irregularity. His BP were monitored every 30 minutes.

By then, it was already 4am.

I've been on constant touch with Wifey to update her. She won't be getting enough of sleep as she needs to wake up to feed Ryan. Something which is my responsibility as i've taken the midnight shift to let her rest.

Dad asked me to leave home, as he feels better. So, i sent my mum and sis back home for them to take sis car to come back to the hospital. While i drive back home to my in laws, feeling much better that it wasn't the worse i could think of.

But before that, i smsed my best Bud, Dr. Iqbal to let him know what's happening and maybe to see him for second opinion on my dad's vertigo. Afterall, that is what ENT are supposed to do, no?

Reaching home at 5am, i slept an hour before i wake up to feed Ryan. I was almost zombified as i write this. Wifey is down with fever due to not enough of rest.

I received a sms from Sis that Dad was discharged at 6am and was brought home. Mum just called to tell me everything is ok and asked me to get enough rest.

She will come over tonight with some neem leaves to put on Ryan's navel, hoping it would reduce his colic

Told her not too, but like the next picture you would see, you would understand why a mother's love knows no bound, even when they has become grandmother.

Taken at Centre Point Bandar Utama's Ground Floor post box next to the kopitiam

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