Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Surin's Wedding and Ryan's Full Moon

Firstly, Congrats to Surin and Sumathi!

Congrats bro! By now, you and Sumathi is already in Nepal for your honeymoon.

thanks for giving me the opp to hold the video camera and see the wedding like within 3 meters from you!

May both of you have many juniors running around in years to come. Hurry as Ryan and Iqbal's son need friends to grow up with as well!

very last moment as a bachelor...pic taken before the top one!
Also, thanks for giving me the oppurtunity to give the audience a speech during your wedding dinner on your behalf. I didn't want to give you any corny advises as it could only be cornier than anything else. :)

It's been a pleasure helping you out as much as i could and it's been a privy to be a friend, which i would rahter classify you as brother, in my life!

Come and visit Ryan soon, i'm sure he wants to see who Uncle Surin is!

Pictures below taken on the 18th December. Marking Ryan's first month on Earth.

How has it been?

Well, for one, it's been pretty rewarding, seeing your own son growing from 3.3kg at birth to 4.59kg as of 18th. He has since grew taller by 6cm and his head has also grown by anohter 6cm. His growth is above average (well, average are pretty low anyway...)

He has his Hepatitis B jab on the 18th. Thinking he will wail his lungs out as the Dr. Yong sink the needles in, it was infact, not true, he did cry, but for a moment only. Told my mum and she said that Ryan will grow up to be a stubborn person. Oh my...

Loads of people came for the fullmoon that we had on Sunday, 17th December. Decided to hold it a day earlier as it was the weekend. We did not shave Ryan's hair, as it's already scarce...hahahaha...

i'm one month old

So, to those that came, thank you very much. You guys and girls know who you are! ;-)

He has started to smile involuntirary, doing so as we talk to him in mandarin, hokkien, english and bahasa. Was expecting Surin to help talk to Ryan in tamil though.

Daddy making me do push ups...

And wifey is right, over the days, we've not taken any pic as a family. So, without further ado, here you go, pic of wifey, me and Ryan. Taken on the day he turns 1 month old.


We are Family...

Ryan's BCG mark burst and pus came out, leaving a tiny weeny hole on his left upper arm...

Now, lets hope Ryan will be more settled with his sleeping hours (he has been sleeping only after 3am for the past days), feeding hours (he is only supposed to eat every 5 hours, but cried to be fed every 3hours!) and everything so that me and wifey could finally get back to our normal biological and me getting back to train for marathons, races, triathlons and everything else under the racing sun!

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