Sunday, October 03, 2010

Cambodia Palm Sugar

A colleague went to Cambodia and came back with a souvenir for me. It came wrapped in some palm leaves and looked pretty unique.
He told me this is what the Cambodian put into their coffee to sweeten it.

My initial thoughts would had been sugar, but some what already thought it to be palm sugar. The same type that we in Malaysia let it to ferment a bit and call it Air Nira. This is what it becomes Toddy drink when it is left for a few more days to ferment.
Image taken from Thank You!

But if the palm sugar are collected and cooked soon enough, it will turn to what we know as Gula Melaka in Malaysia.

However, as there are many species of Palm in the world and even the type used to make Nira, Toddy and Gula Melaka differs, the Cambodian Palm is obviously different as well.

Palm tree is the national tree in Cambodia and the travelogues I've read or visited very much mention how Cambodia landscape is lined with palm trees and more palm trees.
I also read that Cambodia palm sugar are more complex in flavor and has lower GI value, hence it suits people with diabetes and it burns slower which allows the energy to be released slowly and more sustainable. In short, it will not give you the "sugar high".

I make a mug of coffee using the Kluang Coffee powder and let it steep for a while. Sieve two cuppa for myself and wifey and dropped in a 20sen coin size of palm sugar into each cup.

Stirred the coffee and waited for it to melt - but it does take a longer time. It reminds me to melt those hydrated honey or rock sugar.
Sustainable : Wrapping made from eco friendly palm leaves too!

Took a sip and the coffee tasted slightly different. The palm sugar did give the coffee a light sweetness unlike those associated with using brown or refined sugar or condensed milk. It doesn't make you go icky (and this is coming from a sugar lover himself).

A straw of the palm sugar brought back by my colleague has about 8 pieces of sugar in it. My stock is good for six more cup. :) Slowly enjoy it definitely!

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  1. Nice!
    Can imagine if i were to use this for bread makin etc..hmmm..