Wednesday, October 20, 2010


This update is about me not updating my blog. Been busy with work, which is a good sign that i would be able to keep my job still. I never believe anyone to be indespensible, though at a certain point of my career for the past 11 years there was a few times i thought i would not be replaced.

I have accumulated many days in my leave bank and i have actually taken off today to pack for this weekend race in Kinabalu. I was kind of expecting the usual barage of emails but what i least expected was a client being ultra demanding and "you have to get this done like now" kind of attitude.

So, being someone that makan gaji and can't tell the client to f-off, i spent the rest of the late morning and up till now to do the work.

I managed to put aside some clothes that i want to bring. It will or should be good. I am not prepared for the race and i don't think wifey is prepared as well. Going up Kinabalu is not very physically taxing but it's mentally torturing as it's just steps after steps after steps. I set my expectation to reach ONLY at Laban Rata and that would be mission accomplished. I have 5 hours to do so and wifey has 6.5hours to do the race. Going beyond Laban Rata would be like getting six months bonus (which i have never gotten before).

So, wait up. I will update the blog with photos (I have a 10mm-24mm F3.5-4 lense to play with to capture Kinabalu) and i know i will enjoy the trip this time around.

It will be wifey's first KK trip as well, and with the expectations and stories i told her (about KK), i hope i can  show her enough to match that expectation.


  1. good luck and have fun. seafood at Salut and Gayang is a must. :)

  2. thanks Ian. Just gonna go and have fun. :) Finishing is a big bonus, sampai Laban is an achievement.

  3. Have fun and enjoy yourself bro!

  4. Good luck dude. It's a race I haven't done yet but looks very intimidating. I know you'll both give it your best shot and most importantly I know you'll enjoy it and get a lot out of the experience.