Monday, October 11, 2010

Things That Makes You Smile - In MIDDLE OF NIGHT

"Achooooo", Nadia imitated a sneezing sound when i asked her to blow her nose.

With her eyes half closed and she kept pointing to her stuck nose, she told me repeatedly that "papa, nose stuck".

She throw a half-hearted temper as she struggled to breathe with her flu-ridden nose and i held her small button nose between my thumb and index finger between my half closed eyes and ask her to blow.

"Hmmpfh Nadia, Hmmpfh", in between my sleepy eyes.

"Achooooo..."she said again, literally.

I then did the only thing i know, which my mum did to me when i had stucked nose when i was a toddler; i literally tried sucking those mucus out from her nose.

Yeap, gross i heard some of you said. If you have kids and they are not able to sleep in the middle of the night and you have to wake up early the next day to get to work or dial into that darn time-zoned-differently conference call, you do whatever it takes to sleep.

I sucked on her small button nose and got nothing out except her small breathe.

"Much better?", i asked.

"hmmmmm...", she hummed and fell asleep again.

Wifey could not help but to smile and this really made me smile in the middle of the night.

She slept in between us for the rest of the night.


  1. You have captured the experience BRILLIANTLY!

    Love the story, love the way you wrote it... and yes, it's an initiation passage for many fathers..

    next up- shopping for Ryan's primary school clothes... which brand to buy? which one easier to wash? which one easier to iron? hahahaaa...

  2. Feel good right to have your kids sleep next to you. I really miss that moment.

  3. i tried doing that once too but not sure how strong shld I suck .. I was doing it half-heartedly, and as expected, nothing came out ...

    when I told my doc, he went like "whattt? why did u do that %$^&^%#" .. now, I am not sure whether it is recommended or not...

  4. Bandit - already feeling it. Ryan kindie ada uniform!

    Kam - am blssed and i know.

    Ian - the doc most prob dont think that is how its done. :) i say ccarrry oonnn!

  5. OP Stupe,
    A father or in my case, being a grandad our presence is to solve problems. The bicycle seat moves, a slight injury at the elbow and many more. You just tighten the screw or get some ointment or plaster for the injury and they are happy.

    We are also to give good and believable answers to the better half when required, or when enquired but that's tough!

    OP Hank