Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Web Smartest Savings Club

I chance upon this website a moment ago while looking for online shopping experience. Initially i thought the site is an online shopping until i realised that is an online site that offers money saving tips!

With inflation and pay that never rises, it is a constant challenge to actually "have your cake and eat it" kinda situation. More often than not, something got to give.

There is a nerdy geeky looking guy, which i supposed is Billy that will appear via some sort of javascript which sort of reminds you of the dog or cat in Microsoft office "helpdesk". Sort of putting some "live" into an otherwise boring online experience eh?
OK, so what does offers?

Advices. Tips. FREE coupons. And these items are things related to what we need or use everyday. it goes from Insurance to groceries. Cars to entertainment. In fact, i have not even finish browsing through the page but i thought of sharing this with you.

Those that know me know i am a major bargain hunter and a ferocious budget animal. I used to scan the aisle in the local hypermarket for bargain items, or mostly wrongly priced item.

While is pretty US centric, i do not discount (no pun intended) that they might actually include Malaysia in their saving database?

Currently they are heavy on promoting savings on movers. Friends in Fresno and San Franciso should check them out as it is apparently the moving out season there now ;-). So, if you are looking for Fresno relocation services or SF moving company, hop on over for a good deal!

Hop over to and check it out yourself. There are some practical money saving tips...something that i always know is the right thing to do, but never did! It serves as a good reminder too!

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