Saturday, March 05, 2011

Kiara#7 March2011

Woke up late and decided that i will never be able to catch the T-Clan at the cross junction by 7.30am. My exercises has been reduced to minimal and only on weekend when times permit. More so that me and wifey need to sort out the time so she could get enough time to work out and myself enough to prepare for SAC.
Work is piling up in the office and i am expecting March to be challenging as i am involved directly with a few things that would make or break the rest of the year.
All work and no play make Stupe a dumb boy
Not gonna let that happen.
So, this morning when Wifey failed to wake up for her running session, i went ahead and took my Spanish Girlfriend for a ride in (where else) Kiara.
Plan was to ride 2K-Apollo-Mission and then TwinPeak-Upper-Lower-Mission and back to carpark. (hey, i am getting a bit better recognising these trail names!)
As luck has it, i met the T-Clan at Sungai. I exited Bar-A-Kuda and found them there.
Nice seeing you again James. Been Years since i bump into you!
Game plan was up back to lower and upper and ride part of Snake&Ladder to reach TwinPeak. Then TwinPeak and those that wants to finish the ride could take Around The Mountain and exit via Reverse Carnival. The stronger riders such as Shang, James and Leong does the longer route.
RoLance doing his RoBot March. :)
The ride was good today. But i was still pushing on some switchback and could not ride up when the others could do so (like it was flat road). I learnt a few things today. These are potential life saving and ego saving tips, so hear me out.
1. Ride with your mouth close. Spider don't taste as good as how Bear Grylls shows on TV.
2. Look in front and look UP. Low hanging branches are whiplash hazard. I now know how it is like to get whiplashed at 10km/h. The thin looking branch won though.
The score so far in Kiara vs. Stupe stands at 5-2. But i live another day.
I have to start running trails soon. With Sabah Adventure Challenge coming really soon in less than 45days, i have to start hitting the trails in excess of 7 hours with full race pack on. Now, just to find the time.
Distance : 12.69km
HRMax : 165bpm (am i getting fitter, or am i riding more relaxed?)
Time : 1:30min (OK, FASTER!)

2011 Mileage so far:
Run: 20.6km

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