Monday, March 07, 2011

Run#1 March 2011 : Lahad Datu

Did my maiden run today at the most unlikely place. Lahad Datu. Touched down at this quaint little town and changed immediately after i checked into the hotel. I was already studying the possible route to run and has decided that the loop from the hotel i am staying towards the airport, along the airport and then using the only road off the main road towards the hospital/new town would be the best option.
I was expecting minimal buffer along the road and took extra precaution to run deeper towards the road shoulder. I don't think many people in Lahad Datu runs; well apart for this week where they will see Reita K, my friend and colleague does that in her preparation for Bareno in a week's time.
Second slope
My legs felt fresh despite the waiting and sitting the whole day long for my trip here. In fact, i pushed off too fast too early - happens when one don't run as often and suddenly could not control, or rather, forgot how his own pace should be. In a way, i was glad i pushed off fast up the first hill towards airport. I ran along the airport runway and that covered about 2km distance and turned off after a small settlement that has two petrol station flanking the junction. A second slope was pretty steep but i used the opportunity to power it up. Top of the slope was the roundabout to the new town. Took left and head towards the Hospital.
Dusty and hot it was. Sort of reminded me on my last Ironman in Langkawi. Only this time, it was way more bearable.
Long shadow = low sun = no trees = hot+dusty road = Ironman 2010.
No drama here as the pace was very controlled and i felt i was pushing a bit more than usual. I covered 5km in 28mins and started to take it easy. I consciously tried to land mid-foot and tried to remember chi-running. Turn off at Jalan Pantai and it was downhill for about 800m. I went for it and i believed i clocked the 3:40 pace running down.
Jalan Pantai is a coastal road that goes through a water village. It was a mixed feeling seeing the condition of how some people live in and i can only be thankful how lucky i am to be staying in a house with full amenities. Food for thought definitely. It was also here that i stopped for a moment to snap my Day 123/365.
Feeling good with the pace and i finished off the run back to the hotel in 37:37 covering 6.5km of good run.
Definitely a good start for SAC - hope it is not too late!
As i pushed a bit more than usual on this short run, my heart rate too was elevated throughout the run. With an average of 173bpm and a max of 182bpm, i can conclude that the workout was pretty intense to a large (for me) extent. With a calculated max HR of 185 (220-35), i was running at the theoretical 98% with almost max VO2 rate. As i do consider myself as intermediate athlete, i believe i can still push more, perhaps to 190bpm before seeing stars or starting to froth in the mouth (maximal effort). I shalt tried it the next time in the next run.
Distance : 6.5km
Time: 37:37
Ave pace: 5:46 min/km (still far off from my best effort).

2011 Mileage so far:
Run: 27.1km

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