Sunday, March 13, 2011

Run#2 March2011 : Kiara

I had to be at work yesterday and missed the outing with the gang to ride Kiara. Knowing how close Sabah Adventure Challenge is coming and how much i am lacking with my running mileage, i had wanted/planned to run.
A quick email yesterday and there was a willing person that will want to take the trail on the two foot. Thanks Kheng Leong.
Met up at 7.30am at Kiara and let KL set the trail. We went up via the usual route and took a right into the new trail that has a 1.3km route that is nice for warm-up.
Saw the little-wormy like trail at the bottom of the map? that's the one. 

After that, we took Lung Buster up to Kiara and crossed the tarmac to part of 4K loop and exit near the cross-junction. We saw Yit doing secret training.
From there, we went to take on 2K loop and it was a mini-race with some "look like" state rider with us on legs and them on wheels. Obviously my fat ass could not catch up. We then bumped into James, Dave, Lydia in the trail.
A little rest with the tri-gang and we then decided to run/walk/hike up TwinPeak and go down Rock Garden/Flintstone before going through part of Carnival and back to carpark.
Distance: 8.56km
Time: 1:30:18
HRMax :172bpm
Ave: 147bpm
While i walked mostly up the hills and having KL smoking me all the way. I know i have a lot of things to do on my fitness. It will be a long way before i get to my fittest stage back in 2008, and i know it is not impossible. So don't wait up guys, i will catch up. Let me chase all of you for now and one day, i will be able to run and bike next to you. :)
2011 Mileage so far:
Run: 35.66km

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  1. Woo Hoo! It was a fun run bro. Now I dunno whether to run or bike on Sunday's Hahaha!