Saturday, May 14, 2011

Run #11 & #12 Long Slow Distance LSD

Did a 22+km lat week Saturday in 3hours. Not very good timing and due to physical and mental exhaustion, the run was more painful than usual.
This morning, we look to improve the timing and was lucky to be able to clock in 24+km in 3:15.
With SCKLM coming close. Pressure is on us now to complete a 30km at least once.
Today, my shoe heel finally worn out. Time to get another shoe before SCKLM. Or should i risk it and just continue wearing it until after the Marathon?
Nike LunarGlide. My last "seeding" from Nike Malaysia. 1xIronman and 1xMarathon done. Served me well enough and approximately 500km clocked on this shoe.
Replacement will highly be from Brooks.

2011 Mileage so far:
Run: 226.26km

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  1. looks like the front of the shoe? Depends on your gait lar I guess. My foot strike is normally heel first so I'd wear it for the marathon bro. Your feet may not get used to the new shoes in time.