Monday, May 30, 2011

Small Updates On Life

Many things happened over the last few weeks. With no proper blog updates and minimal training, this job is surely eating up my life. The kids is now staying at my in-laws and i am trying to find ways to cope with not waking up and see them. Whatever it is, with less than 20+ days to SCKLM, we better start clocking in more mileage.
I am also starting to eat clean (or cleaner, whichever you want to look at it) and has incorporated some super food into my super unhealthy diet of processed food that i eat everyday at work. Aim is to continue to drop some weight and be at ideal racing weight by PD Tri; i have to find ways to fit into those skimpy trisuits again!
Life at work has been hectic as usual and my new role is making me redundant. I am no longer "cheap" to my project managers and i have to find more ways to get some "billable" work. Such is the life working as a consultant. My race in Sabah received some publicity within the office, which was good as the management sort of read between the line and is asking me to consider to run Marathon De Sable for charity. I am to come out with a working paper and i shall see how it will turn out in the grander scale of things. This is what happen when you take an Ironman away from affordable Ironman races (and non-cancelled variants like Langkawi and China). Somehow, i think running for charity has sort of becoming a norm and not as niche anymore. There is also the question of WHICH charity should deserves the aid. Any idea?
Other than that, the family has adopted two puppies. Both are mongrels. Both are saved from the streets. We figured out that we want to have dogs again and see if it will make things work. One thing for sure, the kids loves the dogs, and we hope in time to come, our attention for them will be recripocated. These two wonderful pet will be part of the family, and they will guard the home in years to come.


  1. muahaha i also name my pet after food. His name is ciku. BTW siew yoke is quite cute and thanks for giving them a home.

  2. Mich - we love food, and we love dogs. So it is two birds with a stone. :)

  3. LOL! Waht a name..

    Oh i so knw what u mean.. im goin nuts here :(

  4. They naughty, i will say "i make char siew siew yoke out of you!"