Thursday, October 10, 2013

Ironman Malaysia 2014 Is Coming

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Got a news that World Triathlon Corporation (WTC), the license holder for the brandname "Ironman" triathlon will make a crucial announcement that will make many home-grown Ironman and Ironman-potentials happy in Malaysia.

The "rumor" first started surfacing as early as February this year when a few well meaning friends were in touch with the WTC people. What transpire from that re-hookup became a "site visit" in March/April when the Xterra race was hot in the country. 

I was told to contain my excitement and not to speculate until things are more firmed. While I did hold my breathe (for a while), I was keeping my fingers crossed that the organiser WILL NOT be the same one that did the 2010 race. A lot of damage, reputation wise has been done at that final year and this forum from below (second reply) sort of summed it all up, bearing in mind that people DO remember, and I am not the ONLY ONE that still felt injustice has been done to the race that year, organising wise.
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Since then, there wasn't anymore Ironman race in Malaysia and that marked my last participation of an affordable long distance course. Back then, RM500 was the early bird entry fee for Malaysians where most of us confirmed and paid up about 7 months before the race. 

For those that may not know (yet). Ironman race is a 3.8km Swim, followed by a 180.2km Bike and ended with a 42.2km Run. Cut off is 17hours and the race typically starts at 7am in the morning with the Swim cut off at 2:20 after the guns goes off. Bike cut off is at 5.30pm and assuming you make the first two league's cut off, you have the balance 6:30 (aka to midnight 0000hours) to run, walk, crawl or roll the final 42.2km to the finishing line and allowed to brag for the rest of the year, or until the next race comes up. 

For me, triathlon defines me. I am not good in any sports growing up and while i do well in team-sports, I found out I will do better being involved with endurance type of sports. A lot of sacrifices are needed and if the announcement that will be made tomorrow is what it is seems, or promised. Time for training. Nutrition. Staying off injury and money will be involved. Training for an Ironman distance triathlon proper requires a year of preparation with many "base work" that will bring the body to adapt to changes and performance. For some of my friends that has been committing to the Ironman races once every two months or three (overseas races), training for them never stops. Training for me too, never did stop.

Many of you may not know this, but Ironman Langkawi is the second toughest Ironman course. Despite not having any races since 2010, the 2012/2013 still mark Langkawi as harder than the average courses - Kona World Championship included.
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Announcement will be made in Kona, Hawaii (Today their time, meaning tomorrow morning, our time). Registration for Malaysia's race will happen two weeks from the announcement. No guesses what I will do when it opens for registration.

Stay tuned in this blog for more updates, soon.

Meanwhile, here is a run-walk-jog-crawl-roll (and no other form of locomotion allowed) in true Ironman tradition, of my races report in 2008, 2009 and 2010. Apologies for the missing photos. I lost a few of them due to previous hosting services and Facebook changing their user interface, and thus, the link from the album to the blog were broken. 

Ironman Langkawi 2008 : 15:00:29
Ironman Langkawi 2009 : 16:13:43
Ironman Langkawi 2010 : 16:48:08

Update 12noon.
Psst - notice the banner?
Photo taken from Tadonamo Triathlon Group ;-)


  1. Awesome !! Thanks for the great news !! :D

  2. Cheaper alternative to Bintan Metaman, good bring it back to our natives land

  3. Gulp, 550 USD compared to RM500 early bird in 2010 is rather STEEP difference :-(

  4. welcome back IM to Langkawi, but think twice guys if the same organiser/company pls forget it. The worst organiser since days 1

    1. IM Asia Pacific taking charge. Those jokers from early days are buried for sure