Monday, October 21, 2013

Week 1 IMMY Training

One week after the Ironman Malaysia (IMMY) announcement has been made, my training has started to incorporate the much neglected biking. To keep track of my own progress, I came up with a spreadsheet to ensure I stay on track and to pick up slacks if it happens. So far, so good. I am tracking "Saturday to Saturday" as the training officially started during the Powerman Simulation by Tadonamo. So, to make things relevent, plus Ironman will be on Saturday, it makes perfect sense to track within this week timeframe.
Week 1 /50
Yes, if you are wondering, it is a 50 weeks to IMMY 2014. I clocked a total of 158km and spent almost 7hours on training. Far from the target, but it is a good start. Challenge is to fit in more time and perhaps increase the training to twice daily to meet the life-work balance; with the third section, training, increasing.
140 point six miles. Make it count.
Training, as they say, will only increase from now onwards, both duration and intensity. However, I would need to strike the correct balance. Expect the month-to-month training guide out in this blog soon.

Meanwhile, train hard and train smart. Don't forget those stretching and rolling!

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