Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy Blessed 2015

2014 will have end soon and 2015 will be exciting and challenging on all front for me and the family.

Time flies when you are busy with life. On the sports front,  I swam a bit, cycled a bit and ran a bit. Also gym a little bit, walked a fair bit. Completed a number of good races and the journey has been nothing but amazing. The Team 2ndSkin has been an integral part with the collaborators supporting. It is indeed a challenging task to be an ambassador for the brands.

On the work front, i have been been called "A Gen X that changed job like a Gen Y". I agree, but most importantly is moving to a better front that help me along career wise. Your reputation precedes your name and that is one advice i would like to share with everyone that is at the fork of their career. Be good, do good and you be good.

On the personal front, I count my blessing everyday that I get to wake up and go through my days (they are never boring) - do what I love and try to contribute where I can.

But what I believe I have done most is love a lot - Family is always first and there is no two ways about it.

My kids are growing up fast and I have missed out on the important years while trudging through " career". Like a close buddy said, there are many balls we juggle in life, spiritual ball, career ball, family ball, health ball and  love ball. All of them will bounce back in except one. Take a guess which is the one you must not drop.

Have a healthy, blessed, full of good tiding 2015 all of you.

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