Monday, July 25, 2005

Climbing - Damai, Batu Caves

Went climbing with my mates in the Batu Caves area, also using that oppurtunity to take audition video for Explorace Season 3, which me and Bandit, hope to make it in.

This is my first time climbing outdoor, and i was told it will be relatively much easier compared to indoor climbing as there will be loads of hand holds and cracks where hands and limbs could be inserted for grip.

Anyway, i managed to do one beginner route, before disappearing into the Damai cave for filming with Bandit, Hakim and Azmar.

I then tried anohter route which Doc set up. I mut say, i'm really impressed with doc and his lead climbing skills. From a real geek/nerd, he has now turned into athelete extraordinaire...i was inspired by his ability to led and set this route, that i decided to climb up myself...

the pictures below shows how much adrenalin would rush, in common guy, like me. FYI, there is another 2 climber, doing a multi pitch's crazy, they got up to at least 50-70 meters from level ground...kudos to them!

At last 2 meters to the ring.

Viewed from the bottom...

150cm more to the chain...

i'm nothing comapred to teh greatness of nature, can you even see me?

Coming down, Bandit belaying me, life is in his hand...

On my way down...

Almost there, noticed the almost vertical surface? yes, you had to find your way up from there, after that, it's relatively easier...

safely down, Azmar checking to make sure i didn't pee in my pants.

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