Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Tribute to My Bike...


Bought this Bike in 1992, after my old Raleigh Road Bike was stolen, and my BMX was also bike-napped the same evening.

It cost me RM450 back then, bought from this bicyle shop in Jalan Pahang, using money i saved up from 2 chinese new year.

It was a Le Run Vesuvius, named after one of the volcano in Italy.

It has full Shimano Altus Group set. Back then, to me, it was like the best money could buy. That also meant that i upgraded from Shimano Tourney that was on my old metal road bike.

V-brake were unheard of back then, mine has full Shimano M-System cantilever brakes complete with Shimano Rubber. Front and Back hubs of the same groupset.

With Rapidfire shifters and indicator, it was the ride of the town(to me).

It doesn't have front suspension fork fitted, it was stiff fork. The bike weight about 35kg when i got it.

I use it for my weekend ride into Kemensah, back when PCC were unheard off, and it is just a bunch of teens in their bikes riding into the jungle of Ulu Kelang. Deore was like a dream to have, XTR was out of reach for many of us. It was only about 4 years later than Rockshox came into the market, and i am still in my stiff fork, unable to upgrade.

Apart from riding offroad with it, i used it for my twice monthly ride, from the Old Gombak road at Batu 6, passing Mimaland, through to the UM's Forest cabin and out at the foothill of Genting. Nowadays, it is known as the Genting Sempah road to bikers. To me, it was a ritual 4 hours ride, to and fro from my home in Ulu Kelang, passing By Gombak through the old Bentong trunk road to the foothill of Genting. My mother used to call me *siao*. I couldn't agree with her more.

I had the bike upgraded about a year ago. Because i could afford it. I had the cantilever brake changed to V-brake (no brand, Made in Taiwan) and had a RST basic shock fitted as well. I decided not to change the rapidfire shifter that comes intergrated with the brake lever, and it was a mistake as the v-brake couldn't be used to to stop the bike in offroad condition, let alone work sometimes.

I had slick tires from Thailand fitted. it was a 1.4inch tyre, too broad to be considered to be slick by any other standard.

The bike now weight close to 40kg. A heavyweight after all the pouch (which is already more than 10 years old) and water bottle put in together.

I ride it in Putrajaya, having a hard time catching up with other MTB even, as the front chainring is only 42 teeth. This bike is now so ancient, i think any bike in Tesco/Carrefour/Giant could whip it's arse when it comes to feature.

Dig this, it's only 21 Speed. Back then, anything more than 18 speed are a luxury.

In the triathlon that just passed, a man came to me and asked me how fast my bike could go with those puny chainring...i guessed he answered his own question when he saw me as he crossed the finishing line, waiting for Doc and Bean to come in.

Infact, one man even commented that my bike should belongs to the state's museum when i was doing my Lumut Duathlon.

Whatever it is, I'm proud of the bike, more so after i've used it since, as my dedicated road bike for races this year, so far.

Just like it's namesake, there is already tonnes of *casualties* that my bike inflict on those carbon/kevlar/Durace/aerobar fitted bikes...

Peace Y'll.


  1. pretty little thing... the bike I mean.. =)

  2. I'm getting my bike real soon. Lepas ni boleh join korang... he he he


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