Monday, July 25, 2005

Power Run 10km/BBQ at Putrajaya - Sunday

It was a fun run, nevertheless, the average joes didn't even sweat it, though most of us would clasiffy this route, as per what we did in the KL Duathlon earlier this year, as tough and a worthy run.

There were like 14 of us in yesterday's run. Biggest number so far in any participation from the Light & Easy group.

Zabil & his wife Azah, Doc, Bean, Azman, Azmar, Bacin, Steve, me, Ainul & friend(?), Adilah, Karoline and Bjorn took part.

yeah, a very good mix and this is the race where all the Ladies runners outdid all the male runners (of the L&E group, i meant).

Azman came in first in about 56minutes, followed by Doc a good 5 seconds away, then Bean,then Zabil, then Steve, then bacin, then Bjorn, then me, Then Adilah, Then Karoline, then Ainul's Friend, then Azmar, then Ainul and then Azah at 1H 30 minutes.

All the babes get finisher medal. Only Man managed to get a medal to redeem the guy's pride. Finisher's medal was given to the first 100 finisher in each category.

I ran with Adilah, a good way to see if we could actually tolerate each ohter next week in the Gopeng race...i think we would and could. LOL. I had a hard time catching up with her in the final 2 km of the run...

anyway, enjoy the picture spread below.

before the race...doing what we all do best, goofing around.

Doc coming in...

me and Adilah, she offered to share her medal with sweet.

Dilah, Steve, Me.

Karoline running in at 1H10min


the guys are frowning because they didn't get any medal, noticed the girls are all smiling?

Doc pondering over the medal he never and will not have this year....

Our Hero and Pride saver...Azman Power Mazlam.

The medal bearers...

Azah running in for the last few medals!!!

Me and bacin consoling each ohter...

And what a happy family picture!

We then proceed to Putrajaya for a BBQ in the Super VIP area next to Pak Lah's Home.
It cost us RM100 to rent and use that place, of which, we thought we could get away with...we will not consider this place again, but nevertheless, we did have fun. Perhaps, give the quiet place another try when we do the Powerman in Spetember this year.

We then went kayaking in Putrajaya Lake, and was twice chased out by the river cruise patrol boat because we kayaked until Dataran was a fun hot day...filled with activities and loads of fun...

Here you go, more pictures.

Chef of the Day!!!


Apa Tengok-tnegok???

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