Friday, July 01, 2005

Road to 55

Hi all...

I just recieved an email from my old-boys' group and i was informed that one of the older OP (Old Putera) is attempting to cycle from Padang Besar heading south to Johore & head north via the east coast to Tumpat (his hometown) on 1st July 2005 & target to
reach Tumpat on 21st July 2005. It's a journey of almost 2000km!!!

He is Ahmad Ramli Zakaria - Kelas 67 H coy

His objectives is :
He is giving away his mother's house in Tumpat to be converted into an Orphanage and to be managed by an established Trust.

So any financial contribution collected from this cycling effort shall be for the operation of that Orphanage. Anyone willing to contribute to his noble cause is to contact me at email : opstupe at gmail dot com (please remove the "at" and replace with "@" and "dot" with ".") and i will give instruction on where to channel the funds to.

Then, of course, comes the personal objective. He wants to prove to himself that he can survive that 2,000km cycle ride for 21 days (around 90 to 100km per day) ending at his kampung,Tumpat on his 55th Birthday on 21st July 2005! Another milestones in his life, perhaps!!!

Throughout his journey,he will stay overnight at the village surau or mosque with permission of the locals,of course....actually he has done a detailed survey of the routes.

Anyone interested to follow his noble journey, he has a website he set up for this purpose.

click on : Road to 55

I shall do my part in promoting this and update whenever i could. Generally, the more publicity, the better it is for the planned orphanage!!!


  1. go join this
    I'll root for you =)

  2. Reta...

    i've joined it last year..see last year's archive for the report...check the July archive.


    will be joining it this year, of course!