Sunday, July 10, 2005

SMSS Rugby 10's

Sports Update on the SMSS Rugby 10's.

OPA - OPA managed to secure runners up in the BOWL category. They lost to SDARA by 2 tries. SDARA was clearly the better team, unfortunately, making less handling error compared to our team.

Spirit was low after yesterday big defeat to SAHOCA. However, the boys managed to pull off a win by beating JENOBA on their way to the final.

Nevertheless, the OPs spirit are high despite the lost.

RMC - RMC put in 2 teams for school level competition by entering a new U-14 team and a U-16 team which compromised mostly of U-15 players.

Both the U-16 and U-14 lost the quaterfinal in Cup and was relegated to fight for a final berth in the Plate division.

The U-16 boys, which made up from U-15 players succumb to pressure from SMS Ulu Selangor, which field some of the better and more aggressive players i've seen in this tournament. The real U-16 boys were in Melaka, having their shooting trip.

The U-14 team, however, shone today. Having ONLY trained for 1 WEEK prior to the match, and only being selected to play 3 days ago, they lost in the Semi FInal CUP and proceeded to book a berth in the Plate Final.

They meet their nemesis, SMS Selangor and went on to win the Plate with a convincing 12-0 victory.

Well done Boys, you guys surely impressed us that was there, and shut the home crowd up!

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