Tuesday, June 28, 2005

King of Fruits...

I was in Melaka yesterday for a supposedly site inspection.

Came out from KUTKM at 1730 hours and was about to turn left towards Ayer Keroh when i noticed this auntie on the road side selling Durian.

I admit. I got durian fetish. it started when my mum consumed too much durians when she was pregnant with me, that when i was borned, i had a big boil on the edge of my tailbone. The boil burst after a few months and until today, i still have scars to prove for that.

Back to the durians. I made a U-Turn at the Petronas station further up. I noticed a few stalls selling durians as well. At RM1 per kilogram, it is a steal. Nevermind it is kampung durian and not those fancy hybrid like Raja Kunyit or D44 or D24 or D-whatever-anderson type. As long as it is thorny, smelly and need some force to open them up...i'm game for it.

I stopped by the road side after making anohter U-Turn as the auntie was wayyy to close to the road, and i do not want to risk being runned down by the passing lorries at that place.

I ran across the road, the auntie gave me a smile.

Stupe: Auntie, ci-kilo ahn cuah buey? (Auntie, one kilo how much)
Auntie: Ci-kilo, Ci-kor (One Kilo, one ringgit)
Stupe: Auntie, wa hampalang sapu ka liao, nuar chuey lui? (Auntie, if i take all, how much???)

She proceed to weight them with her scale and i told her in between our conversation that she need to choose the good ones for me.

She proceeded to choose them and set aside some that has holes bitten by squirrels and some that looked dodgy because of worm holes.

The total was 21kg, and she asked me to take everything, including the one she set aside.

I agreed.

Look, i'm a sucker for durian. Spoilt or not spoilt, i'm sure that there must be at least 30% in those spoilt fruits that is still edible.

She helped me put all the durians in the gunny sack and i took them into my car. I separated the spoilt ones in anohter big plastic bag i had.

We talked furhter and she asked me if i'm married (does that meant that she will introduce her daughter to me) and where i'm from.

I told her KL...and she was surprised that i came so far to buy durian. I told her it is for my parents and family.

I took out RM30 for her, i do not want to shortchange the auntie. She rode a motorbike with those 30kg of durians on her back to be sold by the roadside to make ends meet. if she is my mother, i do not want to see her doing that as well, so my other intention when i told her i wanted to sapu all, was because i wanted her to go back and rest...she's old, circa 60, at least.

She declined and said she "pai ser" (Shy in hokkien) and took only RM20 from me. I gave her an extra RM5 because i told her she needs to pay for her motorbike petrol and maintainece as well.

Anyway...i had a really enjoyable ride back with the loads of durian in the backseat of my small car.

The smelly smell to some was heaven to me. Until i reached the overhead bridge restuarant that i found out the smell was overwhelming. By the time i reached Sg Besi toll about 90 minutes later, i was almost high...my eyes watery and my nose can't even smell of the exhaust fume being blown into my face by the lorry at the next toll.

I called Steve to tell him i'll come over to TTDI to pass them some durians...only to reach home at about 7.45pm because of some vehicle that broke down on the fast lane near Sri Petaling...

And here is how the bounty looked like...
I counted 15 here.

the same lot, to to make sure there is 15.

There is anohter 6 inside this bag. Supposedly to be spoilt, but nothing stops me from eating them!

As they said...you can't have too much of a good thing, when it comes to Durians!!!!

ps- the so called spoilt durians was actually very good. Only the bad parts were thrown, the dodgy looking part was tasted before consumed (yes, i ate two which was already bad...and spit them out...such gluttony!!!)


  1. i haven't eaten durian since i was 1 year old. mom has this story that she tells just about everyone about the time she gave me a bit of durian flesh to try & eat & i just held on to that little piece of flesh for like what seemed forever & merely stared at it.

    my dislike for durians started very young :D

    now she tells everyone that it's a good thing i don't eat durians, otherwise not enuff for her.


  2. Lynnee - hehehe, what a waste...my small cousin, she's 1 years old, she had like 2 biji yesterday, then my mum forced her to drink water...poor lil girl!

  3. wahlau... durians..!!! damn...

    ci-kilo ci-kor...damn cheap bro...!!

  4. anand...
    yeah...it is cheap, and this morning, some of the unripe fruits already ripe, the whole porch smelt of lulian!!!

  5. "The boil burst after a few months and until today, i still have scars to prove for that"

    Hahahahah...now you have to show me when we meet someday =P

    Durians are yummy~

  6. Reta - showing you the scars tantamount of me *mooning* you...are you sure?
    ps- i opened 3 more of the lulian yesterday...and i still breathe lulian after 2 days..car still have the fermented lulian smell...

  7. yeah the durians they sell near ayer keroh toll are very cheap. at that price, it's ok if some of it rosak.

  8. Lanatir bro - yeah, i bought it a lil further, somewhere before the Shell station if you are coming from Auyin Hill. it is before one of the junction that could go to Alor gajah thru some plantation.

    so far, non are 100% bad...only one or two fruits with maybe one portion which is spoilt because of worms.