Thursday, June 09, 2005

Very Proton, But not Savvy...

Just got back from Tanjung Malim and went straight to the Proton Edar at Mutiara Damansara.

Had the best laugh in months.

As you all know, Proton launched their new car yesterday. Aptly named Proton Savvy. it was renamed from Proton Sassy, after some production crew/engineer made fun of it being Proton Sissy...

The car looked decent enough from far. But not the same could be said up close.

here is my encounter, with Her Savviness, or rahter, Her savviness' salesman.

I was scrutinising the rear seat that could be folded up and this Lee guy came, and explained to me how to do it with one finger.

Mr. Lee(ML) : You don't need to pull it hard, jull it this way and pull it up.

Stupe (S) : Oh ok.

Upon doing that, i noticed that the cable that connects to the fuel tank was exposed and was held together by masking tapes, the brown coloured one. I supposed to match the interior or the car.

S : What is that? Is this the showroom model? or the model that will go on the road for potential buyers?

ML : Yes.

S: ??? Yes? Why is the finishing so bad?

ML: This one not curcial, so, masking tape sufficient. Also, you could tuck the rear seatbelt below the seat when not in use. Can Look nicer. And rear seat belt save life.

Stupe thinking to himself: yes, only if the person behind uses it. By having the rear seat belt there alone doesn't save life dude...

S: Oh wow...really ah. Then how i fold the seat down?

ML proceeded to remove the rear headrest and fold the seat down.

S: oh like that, then the headrest put where?

ML: That one you can put under the front seat or in the boot.

S: IC...

I proceeded to move infront and sat on the driver seat. The aircond vent looked rahter plasticky, am afraid it can't take the abuse of daily use, but then again, proton claim this model is built 3 time tougher...3 times tougher compared to what?

ML: Ah, you noticed that proton did this with safety in mind. First there is a foot rest next to the clutch pedal. In case of emergency, you can put your feet there, and push yourself closer to the seat to reduce whiplash. Also, the steering is done such a way that you have to place your hand at certain position so that the head rest could further reduce whiplash.

Stupe thiking out loud: In time of emergency, i won't be able to be fast enough to be stepping on the footrest next to the clutch...instinct told me that i will step on the clutch pedal and brake. NOT the footrest. It's getting tiring.

ML: Also, this time, we are using Renault engine because Renault has been winning a few F1 races this year ..yada..yada..yada

Stupe thinking to himself: But renault is not proven in rally, or indy...or anything...

S : i noticed the price is for 1.2 manual only, how much is it for Auto?

ML: Oh, Auto is RM45K.

S: Can i have a look at it?

ML: No la sir, it's not out yet. We only got the price yesterday after proton told us that the auto is ready for public viewing.

Stupe thiking out loud: Then why launch the car???

S: Icic...then how come the signal light and wiper is terbalik from the normal car?

ML: Oh, because proton is meeting the European standard..yada..yada...yada...

Stupe rememebring what was told by friend in europe, the only other reason why the signal and wiper is put on the opposite side is because that will ensure the driver has BOTH hands always on the steering. Malaysian cars has signal on the right hand side and wiper on the left promotes us driving with one hand, as the right hand could steer the car and still activate the indicator lights.

ML: Also, the steering wheel can't be adjusted because it is part of the safety feature.

Stupe gasping for air: is he serious? or am i dreaming???

I move behind and sat at the rear seat. My head touched the roof. and my knee almost touches the back of the front seat.

S: why the back seat like Gen.2 can touch the head one?

ML: Oh, this one is Lotus design, to give sportier look and better Cd.

S: Cd?

ML: Oh, sorry, it got to do with the car aerodynamics, like i say la, it's tuned by Lotus and engine by renault.

Stupe thinking again: hello, it's coefficient of drag...yes, it got to do with aerodynamics, but i was expecting you to tell me what Cd stands for....

I then proceeded to open and close the door ala malaysian style.

ML: No need to slam the door hard one. last time all the older car have to slam to close, this one will need only a push.

it was after 4 attempts that he could close the door properly, with each push getting stronger than the one before.

ML: come, i show you the advertisment and i'll make you coffee.

i'm no fan of coffee, neither is some cheesy advertisment with some girls doing hip hop like dance and some small kid carrying aquarium in the car...

I concluded...the car is very Proton...just not what it claimed to be...or seems to be, i'm glad those that booked the OTHER car made a better choice...


  1. LOL..when you gonna give us a review of MyVi? =P

  2. Reta,

    Myvi has nothing bad to say, the sales assitnat just let you see the car and judge it by yourself. I've seen the car, and i had scrutinised it. It's the best that perodua has produced.

    How many malaysian made cars has insulation even at the front fender?

    and well, at least, i don't see any masking tapes in sight.

  3. bro...

    aveo is nicer :) kekekeke

  4. anand,

    aveo is nicer, and more expensive as well...i would settle for myvi if wifey didn't get the aveo in the first place. see you during dinner.

  5. proton sawi (pun intended; it's as tough as the vegetable)... *LOL*

  6. Lynnee,

    Calling it sawi is a disgrace to the vegetable itself.

    Ask anand to explain what is sayur mess...

  7. serious lynnee, you wouldn't want to know what's sayur mess.... kekekeke

    sure bro... see u during dinner.. bring my wife along as well this time

  8. this does not sound good... *suspicious*

  9. Anand,

    since when army food is meant for human consumption?


  10. since we joined RMC lor... ;) kekeke

  11. Stupe,

    Not that bad la... The plastics are similar to those used in Koreans.

    MyVi? Well... If wanna compare to my Kelisa, errr... I really have to give it very low marks. Space is good, move is good. Ride and handling, dont know. FC dont know. BUt the interior plastics, and quality. Just not up to par with what my Kelisa has, same goes to the Savvy... But not changin car soon, so none of them are in mind.. Hehehe...

  12. hahaha love your comments on the Saaavvyyyy. I can't be bothered to look at it cos I know that it would be crap and the sales man would come up with all sorts of nonsense about it. Will never ever buy a PRoton. Would rather buy an old junk.. so long as its not Proton