Monday, June 06, 2005

Batu Dam Lovers!

Aileen, At Batu Dam. She decided to follow me and i agreed to bring her hiking.

Photo Moments in the jungle of Batu Dam.

Bacin climbing up the first hill

Bandit "just because my bike is light" Azly, at teh opening before the hill climb

Bandit Climb
Bandit climbing the first hill

It all started with Steve riding fast...

Then Adilah follows him into the trailhead...

And Terence not very far behind...

Then, Me and Aileen went into the trail hiking. Exposing her to the wonder of nature and of course introducing her to what i does every weekend when i'm out with the guys, and girls. She was fairly impressed and will pick up cycling soon.

I caught Bandit at the first river crossing and he had his bike upside down, apparently fixing some case of sticky brakes. That done, we went on and headed towards the second river. Halfway there, Bandit's chain snapped. Dejavu.

Last week, it was me, this week, him. It's as if we are cursed. We decided to head back to the car park after seeing that the weather changed for the worse. It started to drizzle and the alst thing i wanted to do is to get Aileen wet, i guess that will be bad enough to scare her to stop going hiking again, should she get wet, as we didn't come prepared for the rain. Maybe it's a case of sayang isteri kot?

We reached the Car park and waited for the guys...Bacin reached the car park first. And we instantly saw that Azman was there as well. He might had come late for the ride, but nevertheless, he was there and we suspect that he went after the rest of the pack.

Terence reached soon after Bacin does, followed by Steve, semi naked...

The naked Mat Salleh
Steve came out semi-naked with something in his shirt...

The boobs
The surprise...

The D cupper
Yeah, the Lulians!!!

It was only later than Doc and Adilah came out with Azman...And they brough surprises as well!!!

Doc Lulian
One in Doc's CamelBak, now we all know the other usage of camelbak!

Adilah Lulian
Adilah plans to sell this one at market. Welldone on the camelbak as Lulian carrier again!

It was a great and *fruitful* ride, we topped off the ride with bunch of Rojaks and cendols and mee goreng. The Lulian wasn't ripe enough to be eaten. Steve brought them back and most probably hope it'll get ripe soon.


  1. Wah! Go hiking also can find lulian. Good lar u guys!

  2. it's the lulian season now dude...there is even more in Kemensah...

  3. wow best nye....MTB + GRUB hhehehhe

    if you have time read my blog dude.

    OP Azwin

  4. Azwin,

    will link you up soon.

  5. When is yr next trail biking? I want to join la. Need to start spend time with the nature again. Ada basikal for rent tak?

  6. Kam...we are planning one this saturday...itinery is to cari durian, since it is in season now ;-)

    bike for rent? hehe, will let you know by thursday...see if i could get extra bike.

  7. That soon ah? Need to get leave pass from wifey first. If no basikal can I ride my supermoto on the trail?

  8. haha..takper..sabar...we will organise one more before lulian season ends..ok?

  9. Yes, pls gimme a call. Trying to get an MTB for beginner. Wifey hates to let me go alone. So, that means kena beli 2 bikes la. Aiya... not enuff budget lo.

  10. we can go hiking, miunus the jsut like how me and aileen did!

  11. Good idea but she's not adventure type of lady. I think she's not really wanted to go biking, she just worry if there are beautiful girls lurking from inside the jungle waiting to grab me....ha ha ha.

    You got my 019 number kan?

  12. 019xx00xx94????

    don't worry, all beautiful girls in jungle has been since taken by Bandit.

  13. The number is correct! So busy la lately. Project almost finish in couple weeks. After this all out cari kerja baru. Before that I want to have some outdoor activities to release my stress. Bila next aktiviti ni?