Wednesday, June 22, 2005

OPPP 2005 - The Finale

Sorry for the late. Was busy over the last two days and was letting my fingers rest after much typing and clicking on pictures to update the blog.

However, by the time i finished abseiling and getting a call from OP Mike Tan about the non-showing of OPA Soccer on the field, and calling a few numbers to get that issue settled, the sky started to get darker.

OP lost the football game, the first team did not show up because they said they had a game the day before. I know the Hockey team team had a game as well, but they did show up, and did showed the boys, who is still better in Hockey. Well Done!

The last field game was going to start. Rugby has always been a traditional game in RMC.

Lets make sure the PP don't give us a run for our money!!!

The PP this year is coached by members from the Blackhawk team. One of the top notch team. The showed a lot of improvement in interschool competition by winning the Under 15 tournament. I warned some players to becareful, as it will be a tough match.

PP did the haka, moving closer to them singing lullaby was their cheekiest best...

The game was tough and the PP showed a lot of potential. We were given a scare a few times, but experiences speaks for itself when we managed to outdo them by 2 tries.

The match was stopped middle of the second half when the siren sounded, to signal that a thunderstorm is coming.

True enough, 2 minutes later, this was what happened.

The spectator's tent was flooded in the 45 minutes chaos

My camera ran out of battery and i could take anymore pictures.

In short, the Tug Of war was called of because of the bad weather and again, as per usual, OPs won the Piala Radzi, losing only to the PP in football and chess.

Also, the Piala Tissa for cricket game was found back about a week before the was supposedly missing, but later on was found by the CI, OP Nurul Azril when they searched the whole throphies room (Yes, RMC does have a room to keep throphies, we are premier school mah!!!)

Everyone went back happy, and looking forward to event of such magnitude again, enxt year.

So, Mark your calender, it will be 17th June next year for the dinner and 18th June for the OP-PP games. See you there next year!