Monday, June 27, 2005

Subang Jaya 10km Run.

What a race.
Never mind the race wasn't organised properly. First, the organisers shouldn't had allowed cars to move out of the MPSJ area right before the race starts. I was retying my shoe laces when this car almost nudge me as he was driving out of the place. Then, of all people, the Polis happily drives out, and the ultimate was when The Paper that Cares decided to drives out as well, to the jeers and boos from the participants...heck, even a few SAAA(Selangor Equivalent of FTAAA) was seen riding their Motorbike out of the place, oblivious to the participants that had gathered right at the starting line.
OK, back to the report.
11 of us, from the Average Joes/Dumbass team joined the race. Doc, Steve, Amir, Dhamsal, Azmar(first 10km race), Bacin, Rahim(veteran), Don, Zabil and Wife, Bean and me, of course signed up for the race. We were at BSN in USJ taipan by 6am. Bacin was the first one there, i was there with Aileen and also Amir. A few minutes later, Azmar came in his super long slung easy rider that he brought back from US of A. It was until much later that the Zabils turned up, and Doc showed up offering us coffee at his mother's place right opposite the road from Taipan.
Then, in the darkness, we saw 2 flikering lights, it was Don and Rahim, our super athlete that cycled all the way from Taman Tun to USJ for the run! The are planning to do a reverse Duathlon, instead of Run-Cycle-run, the did a Cycle-RUN-Cycle...well done to them!
Steve and Bean was no where in sight still as Steve told Doc he was on his way at 6.45am. Adilah wasn't insight as well and Dhamsal was waiting for us at the MPSJ building area.
At 7am, we all walked towards the stadium, passing by some morning market where we were cheered on like some heroes that is going to defend the country's pride in some run. That was when we saw Bean driving in to the designated car parking place.
Upon checking in at the respective counter, we still did not see Steve. And this is how blur everyone looked in the early morning.
amir blur

Dr. Amir...still high after his last ciggie before the race
Bacin blur

Bacin...he needs to send his kids for Tae Kwon Do later...
zabil blur

Zabil...doing some face stretching
azmar blur

Azmar Mat Rock...his first 10KM race
doc blur

Doc..he needs more coffee..or was it some sly grin because he saw some chics in tank tops?
starting line

The crowd at starting line...obviously still blur...
The race started at 7.30 sharp. Some big shot that woke up that morning flagged off the race. IN no time, the whole USJ was flooded by human, trying to outdo, outrun, and out kill each other. Some were seen spitting or blowing their noses on the left, right and back as they were running. Some secret technique of getting rid of people around you i guessed. Some were seen running on the opposite side of the road, to get the so called *front advantage*. Me, Bacin and Zabil were pacing each other, it was tough, and it all looked like some indy/stock car race situation where everyone is jostling for position, some shoving, and some almost tripping over each other.
It was a run which I've decided before the gun went off, that i have to make this a run to record my personal best. I jokingly told the rest that I'll do a sub 50 minutes run. Which, i myself doubt that i could. A few of us has also set the target, as USJ run is on a very flat terrain...
I overtook Bacin and Zabil after the first corner and ran like i never ran before. I make mental target, every time i run pass the targeted participant, i *click* my imaginary counter (a trick that Steve thought me). I passed Summit USJ, feeling rahter good, with my heartbeat circa 150-160bpm, leg still strong and spirit high as i was had already dodged/overtooked about 30 runners after the first corner.
Then i had a very rapid *beep beep* sound coming from the back. It was Bean. His HRM is the same type as mine, albeit more canggih(sophisticated) with more functions that my car's meter. I tried to pace with Bean. I noticed he had his left leg in knee supporter. He must had injured himself. He was fast, but i decided that i should be faster, i ran, i recalled touching the max heartbeat of 179 when i overtook him finally, perhaps, it was the total accumulated heartbeat as our chest straps interfered with each other's monitor.
After the second major corner, i managed to shake bean lose. It was then another friend of mine, a long time runner, Jason, made an unscheduled race. He overtook me, at a blistering pace. I had a chat with him and he said it was rather a last minute decision to join the run.(Participant A1043). I paced with him for a good 1km, before i decided that if i go on with him at his almost 15km/h pace, I'll either collapse before i reach the 5km mark, or I'll be doing a sub 45 minutes run.
That was then also, that i realised that a long time veteran runner that we all see at TTDI park, Carmen, was always somewhere circa my pace. I decided to pace with her (well, behind her of course, i sorta can't catch up with her though) and make her my horse.
It was a good decision, i managed an average of 14km/h speed, giving my heart a constant workout of about 168-172bpm, which was my 85-90% threshold. In technical term, I'm running a 5km race in this range, building on my lactic threshold. it was something I've been doing for 2 weeks in the gym's thread mill (ok guys, now you know my secret training)
After what seems like eternity, i finally saw sight of the stadium's light. The end is near. I actually sang MY WAY as i was running to keep the spirit high. I was doing 42minutes as i passed the stadium's main entrance. BUT we need to RUN to the end of the road, before running back again. I picked up speed, at that point, i overtook Carmen. I didn't have time to thanks her for allowing me to pace with her, and i didn't even asked her permission to do so, i know, that's rude of me, but i simply can't catch her to ask for permission. Anyway, for the record, thanks Carmen!!!
Right after the U-TUrn, i saw Doc, then Steve, then Bacin...Steve came out of no where. Well done. I last saw Amir running in, cheering on for me as i returned his encouragements...thanks bro!
I entered the stadium's compound via the side gate, which in my opinion, was a bad choice by the organisers as the ground wasn't level, someone might get injured due to the ground condition. but i wasn't bothered, even should i fall on my OLD new Balance shoes that some Pacesetter members said i SHOULD disposed off(because the shoe isn't giving me the *performance/support*) and join them to get discount to buy some fancy shoes....
I ran, overtook one last few runners and timed in at 48minutes 44 seconds as i was stopped by the race official to take my number down.

Jason was right in front of me, about 6 places in front. I saw Aileen, busy snapping pictures of Jason(she was Jason's friend first...i know him because of Aileen), oblivious to me, having to finish the race in front of my usual gang. She saw me moments later...and laughed at was unexpected. Well. I know. I outdid myself. I wanted to finish the race in sub 50, and i managed to do just that.

I finished the race 1st, before everyone else, but sadly, wifey didn't think it was me, and was busy taking pictures of other people....but me...

Oh baby, there you are!!!
I finished the race in position 123, which means there is 122 people infront of me, some maybe twice my age. I missed the medal by 22 places and perhaps in mere 5 minutes(or 1km if i ran a 12km/h race). A young man, which also trains in TTDI park, Azri, did it in 42++ minutes and was placed in the 44th position. He ran a good race, he he wanted to do a 40minutes race. This chap most probably blaze the track in 16km/h!!! I also saw Azwar, which finished in 23rd position, well done!

There, A0606 finished as participant 123!!!
I was almost rested with my HR returning to 90bpm when i saw doc coming in...

Doc came in second, but was covered by that yellow (A0762)
Then Steve was strolling in

Steve came in 3rd...well done...your tactic of easy 5 and hard 5 did work for you!
Followed by:

Bacin again, did a 52 minutes...well done!!!
And his jockey...

Then Zabil...which uses Bacin as the horse...
Our faithful eye doctor from UH did ran his personal best race as well...

Dr. Amir came in next..not too far from Zabil...
Bean, although injured, managed to finished it with a smile

Pilot Bean was next...flying in in sub-55 minutes.

Don cruises in at 8th...if only if he didn't cycle to the race...
Rahim, the veteran of amongst all of us...just missed the 60minutes mark.
To amplify how small the world is, Rahim actually worked with my mum in law before...we only found out when i introduced Aileen to him and he told me that she looked familiar. Aileen asked if she worked in Castrol before and...heck, i freaked out. Small world Uncle Rahim...since now you know my MIL, i better start calling you uncle... ;-)
Dhamsal finished in 10th, but i didn't managed to catch his pics as i was snapping some other pics.
Azmar came in at 11th, finishing the race in 1hr 7 minutes, which was pretty about the same time as i took in my first 10km run in PJ Half last year.

Azmar rocker and Dhamsal (A595) in the background with Amir, while being congratulated by Bacin.

Those that managed to finish in 60 minutes and below. Azri is the one in semi-cap(A859). Bean went to toilet...tummy problems.

We then waited for Zabil's wife to come in from her run...

while Bean explained to Bacin why he didn't want to overtake him this time around...

Then I poses with Steve...

And Steve tries out the umbrella that Ding's wife won coming in in position 13th in the Women's Open.

Then Adilah showed up...showing her tooth in perfect condition...still.

We then adjourned to Doc's mum's house for breakfast. Scrumptious breakfast!!! check out the pics, it's all self explanatory, really...

Talk less, eat more


Azrie, carbo reloading...

the two young man...

Thanks to Steve..for these Durians!!! Nope, it was bought by him, not taken from Kiara.
Everyone left on a happy note and full tummy. Don and Rahim cycled back to TTDI before the sun comes blazing through mid morning.
A very special thanks to Doc's family for being such great host and feed us athletes wannabe with those wonderful sandwiches, syrups, coffee, chicken curry, salad and company!!!
Oh ya, before i is a pic of Doc's secret training equipment...Zabil ran out and asked me to take this pic as evidence of doc's ultra endurance...
secret training

The compromised training method, running almost vertical!
Now, i better start training harder, as it is no easy task to maintain the achievement i did yesterday.


  1. Congrats bro! 10km below 50 is damm good lar!

  2. bro.. u make me look so damn weak ler... never fancy running anyway, but now jogging to keep fit

  3. Kong - thanks...yes, it is damn good. My first time doing below 50. But then again, thre were a few uncle about twice my age doing that as well...that means i better make sure it will be below 45 the next time.

    anand - hahah, you are not weak...just lazy? :P keep on jogging, it is good and you will soon get hooked ot it.

  4. I run UP the stairs and come down also short of breath liao.

    Eh why you never run pass my house la wei? near yet so far haha!

  5. YOU still might be sleeping as i'm running past your place ;-)