Monday, June 20, 2005

OP-PP 2005 - Shooting and Abseling

Boy did we have fun yesterday at RMC.

Most of us were in college by 9am and by 11am, games such as basketball, sepak takraw, volleyball, chess, road run were completed. Old Puteras lost in the Chess match only and won convincingly over the other games palyed in the morning.

We went shooting at 1 RAMD using the HKP9s semi-auto pistol. For once again, we were convinced that it will take a very very steady hand and a very sharp shooter to hit the target 25 meters away. This also meant, that if someone were to point a gun at you, you better run as far as possible, and you could still jeer at them, provided he/she isn't a sharp shooter and is not like 3 meters away from you, and still, they would miss hitting you. I'm serious.

It's not easy, as shown in these pic of Faris, below:

Brader, watch out for wild boar...

the 9mm bullet, should it get into your flesh

I didn't manage to take pictures of the rest, as they are all trigger happy and wasted the 9 bullets as fast as i only could take ONE guy shooting.

We proceeded to the Abseling tower, standing at almost 5 storey high, we decided to refresh our skill, incase some of us need to abseil down the office building in emergencies.

We had a chinese spiderman called SpiderLiaw

He is coming with a costume next year

Then our Fariq "Superman that forgot his cape and underwear" Sidik

Then i decided to try something different. IN the races i entered, non of them allowed us to go down facing downwards, so, i decided to walk down the tower isntead, looking down, and almost throwing up my breakfast.

looking down

all ready


getting the hang of it

stopping for a picture!

What a walk!

Will uplaod some pics of me and doc racing down in this manner when i get his camera.

Meanwhile, even Aileen does it.

Even Aileen does it...much to Faris's annoyance

Faris, Nash and Fariq came back later in the afternoon to redeem themselves.

Nash "pilot that scares of height" Embong and Faris "I don't want to dirty my shirt" Ismail coming down the abseling tower.

Stop shaking now...

wanted to do this, but the staff refused to let me because i dn't have a long pants and butts, they don't want to be responsible should i lose more leg hair than i should

We proceed to lunch at the Gym. Food was as usual, what we Boys used to eat back in RMC. it's nostalgic...and we ahve sayur mess as well. For those uninitiated, Sayur mess is a term coined because the vegetable cooked at the mess hall was done in such a way that it could even cripple the chinese "stir and fry wok" sifu, the vegetable, usually cabbage, is whipped in big cauldron and it takes almost in no time to cook, if it is cook, anyway. It is then used as a term to denotes those that are easily fooled. Proper way of usage:

"kau ni memang sayur mess la!" meaning, "you are damn easy". Not reccommded to be used to refer to ladies.

After Lunch, we had the first ever Change Parade demostration cum competition, see the next entry!


  1. damn, i missed the abseiling and shooting - missed the abseiling more!! damn, next year must wear jeans and sports shoes liao - dump slacks at home...!!

    wifey said next year can come again, but no lunch for her in the college again next year :)

  2. hmm..the food is that bad eh?

    i abseiled in sandals and shorts ;-)

  3. maybe she never tasted Sayur Mess la.. :) just personal preferences..

    in fact, i kinda missed that kind of food ler.... why can't they serve honey dew instead of oranges?????

  4. i sorta agree...maybe now they got extra allocation for orange? i don't recall eating orange in RMC..maybe limau, of the cameron highland type, those that is super sour...

  5. reta...

    it was fun...really fun. everytime i go back to RMC, it's nostalgic...if i'm the emotional type, i'll cry with joy ;P

  6. i told my wife, that was fun for me - i never had such fun after leaving RMC :)