Monday, June 20, 2005

OP-PP 2005 - Change Parade Demostration

This was the first ever time they hdd this, in full public view. In RMC, we have a multitude of punishment. We believe in group punishment and the term that we are only as strong as our weakest link.

Change Parade. It's well, aptly named this way because well, we change, not because we are supposed to change our personality, but to change our uniforms.

This is how it works.

Duty boy, usually rank holder, will be the one metting out the punishment. Usually, the names of the wrong doers are read out during lunch time and they are supposed to fall in at the basketball court in certain order(ie uniform) for punishment.

in this demostration, please bear in mind that no Present Boys were hurt, or maliciously chosen for this task. And their way of dressing does not reflect the real actual quality of what RMC boys are supposed to do. Simply said, they are doing what YOU SHOULDN'T be doing in a Change Parade.

IN the military, we have tonnes of Order, or uniform. We have No.3, No.4, Celoreng(or camoflogue), battle PT, Drill Order, Prep Order, Walking out Order, Planter's Order, Sports order and even Towel order (this one was coined by senior, you fall in only with towel around your waist).

So, without furhter ado, this is change parade, at it's worse.

But of course, before that, here is some pics i snapped before the parade.
Nizam, sitting beside the gym to see the parade

Aileen and SpiderLiaw not gonna miss it as well

Me and Anand. Anand, now please update your blog as well.

On with the Punishment!!!

They came in No.3. Duty Boy did their normal routine and gave them a piece of his mind. Giving them 3 minutes to change into Planter's Order.

2.5 minutes later...some has their ties and shoes wore wrongly!

Duty SUO check on the uniforms and for every item you wore wrongly or not up to specs, you'll have to take 10 push ups.

This joker will have his arse fried...Echo company, since when you guys took over from Alpha as the most Lopong Company?

Wait, i think Alpha is still the most lopong, check out the way he wore his tie...

The Duty SUO went on to check and gave everyone push ups for every wrong items done. He then gave them 2 minutes to come back in drill order.

less than 2 minutes later, they came back in drill order, some with their shoe laces untied and accesories worn wrongly.

This chap from Delta Company has extra yellow lanyard to denotes Commandant company ie the last year's inter company winner for sports, academic and military activities, but this doesn't reflect why they won...shame...shame...

Then this chap from Charlie company fake his fainting/seizure...only to piss the Duty SUO more

because everyone wasn't up to spec, all had to do duck walk...usually we get to do forward roll, and the sound of the drill boots hitting the tarmac and your head was unforgetable

Then, the Duty SUO gave them 2 change to sports order...

one of the joker swapped friend. He was caught by sending out a taller replacement. it's cooperation(abeit a bit stupid) at it's best. There is simply no way to cheat your senior!!!

The Chap from Cahrlie company had to do Star Jump, ie a modified version of burpee, but you ahd to jump high enough to reach the star

Dude, you are no michael jackson, there is no BLACK or WHITE in Sports order..tsk..tsk..tsk...

The parade ended with 3 orders, but OP Azudin invited his RSM(Regiment Sargeant Major) ie his Warrant Officer to come check the boys. Because the RSM, Encik Joe, felt that the boys aren't up to mark, he decided to give them one more change back to Drill order in 2.5 minutes, or else!

Encik Joe pulling on the loose belt of the boys...telling him to BUCK up, literally!

he then show the Duty SUO how to teach the boys to wear the beret properly...

which then he asked the Duty SUO to take 10, for being oblivious to that simple task. The Duty SUO gladly take 10.

Encik Joe then proceeded to impart word of wisdom to the OPs and PPs.

The change parade demo ended soon after, and OP Azudin thanked the Commandant and CI(Chief Instructor) of RMC for showing everyone why, we OP, are able to get dressed in less than 3 minutes flat, and that is even before our wives start washing off the shampoo on their hair!!!

Well done boys and thank you for the entertaining show, we OPs truly appreciate it!


  1. malu sial nak ngaku E Coy....

  2. you E coy ah? No wonder you were quiet that day...

  3. now only i noticed - where'd you get the RMC cap?

  4. it was given to me by the CI, on the day i went to *escort* hannah around RMC ;-) Damien also got one ler...