Friday, June 17, 2005

Busy Busy Busy

Loads of things has been happening since last week.

My Old School, Royal Military College* and it's Association, The Old Putera Association will have their Annual Dinner on the 18th Of June and on the 19th June, there will be the Annual Open day where the Old Puteras will play against the Present Puteras in numerous games and activities.

Treat it as homecoming for us old puteras.

I was at RMC yesterday to chaperone Ms. Hannah Tan. Gutsy girl, she did the abseiling without screaming, like the rpevious artist (Ezlynn of the hi!hi!bye!bye! song fame)...but Siti Nurhaliza was a cool cat 2 years back, so was Amy Mastura.

will update with tonnes of pictures, hopefully, after this weekend.

stay tuned!

ps- anyone wants to shoot using the HKP9s pistol? let me know, like today!
* this url was done by my batchmate, Shahiman Sulaiman..he's the man, got the site made better than the copycat here


  1. i'll be there.... i'll be there....

  2. nice picture man, hope next year all the OPs will bring more chicks and a lots of chicks. HAHAHAHAHHAAH

  3. zytyrant...lets start with you...