Tuesday, March 11, 2008

And Her Name Will Be...

Wife and me has been thinking it all over and over. We can't be calling Ah Girl "Ah Girl" anymore. We know she can hear what we are talking.

We like the name Rianne. Also the name Rosa. Even Rihanna.

But we decided that we shouldn't limit ourselves to just name that starts with R. Ryan will take cares of that.

We like the name Catherine as well. So does Marie. Even Ann. The idea is to give her an old fashioned name (to suit the old fashioned dad).

How about naming her something along the line of IronMan? Like how Dr. Azman suggested...Irene Marissha Lim (as in IM Lim). But because half the world thinks that wife's name is pronounced as Irene as well...we decided to scrape that idea.

With Ryan it was an easy choice. With Ah Girl, it was a huge task. Not only we want to retain the Malaysianese in her name, we want to make sure she will be proud of her name.

As wife's family is Catholic, it is a natural choice to give her a middle name as what we did to Ryan.

So, we not only have to think of ONE name, but two more! (One middle and one chinese la).

So what did we come out with?

Are you ready for it?

Will be it something corny?

Will it be something....err...unexpected?

We will name her....


That is for a fact that she is a product of me missing the mother....

OKOK, i'm just pulling a fast one. I won't put my daughter to be ridiculed that way...

Or even call her Honey Lim Han Nee. How is anyone gonna take her seriously?

"Honey, can you pls come here??" it will sound ok if family calls her that. But at school and at work??? I don't think so!

So, without further delay...please give a big hand to


Ya, both her and her brother will definately hate me and wifey for such long name to be written on their exercise book when they goes to school...or when they sit for exams...

Here to you my Ah Girl!

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