Friday, March 28, 2008

Good Luck To All In KLIM 08!

KLIM 08 is 2 days away. I wish all of you which will be taking part, from the short 7km fun run to the full 42km "are you crazy" monty, the very best of luck.

Remember to have fun. I know i will.

Meanwhile, i just saw the collection of Nike's shoe which will only be launched in October 2008.

The new technology will blow you away. A pair of racer plush enough to let you run 42.2km with and only weigh a total of 300grams? (that is 150 freaking gram one side)

Even the trainer is only 500grams! (do your maths people, 250 freaking gram only!)

That is like wearing two copies of newspaper!

Be on the look out for that shoe as ONE person will be wearing them (but not me la).

I will be wearing this instead. Nike's Bread and Butter model.

Air Pegasus.

In comparison, Nike Air Pegasus+ is 355gram per side and i ain't complaining!!!

Wait for the review and the race report on Monday.

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