Thursday, March 13, 2008

You Are Getting Lazy.

I am talking about me.

Yesterday i can't wake up for the usual 4.30am run with Shazly because i worked until 2am the night before.

Today, i woke up, but the rain stopped us from running.

I am getting lazy. And fat.

Tomorrow must run.

Sunday must do 20km.

My bike is still in the cardboard box and i am yet to go over to Edwin's to check Ishsal's cockpit..i meant, aerobar and handle bar.

I saw Budin running this morning and i must say i must get into the groove again. I am still not sure if i will do my second IM next year, but i definately will consider the option.

Now, i'm just too tied up with work, and too tired with it/from it, whichever way you want to see it la.

For a change, i will, to motivate myself back again, to write some articles on my own IM preparation that effectively took me 8 months. I will give some insight into the training regime, so those IM hopeful, or even Triathelte hopeful might find useful.

Stay tune.

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