Monday, March 10, 2008

Makkal Sakthi

The Rakyat has spoken.

I now hope and pray that Malaysia will be a much better place to live in from now onwards.

It is certainly refreshing to know that most of the arrogant politicians lost in the election. However, there is still some of them that won by a slim margin that is still talking like the Rakyat needs them.

The 13th General Election will certainly be an interesting thing to see.

Now that the Rakyet has denounced Race Based party, i hope we now could be Malaysian first, and then Malay/Chinese/Indian/Lain-Lain second.

If there is more Keris thrusting into the sky, i'm sure the current ruling government will have to say goodbye in 5 years time.

Makkal Sakthi!

Oh ya, anyone knows what happen to the birthday boy? No news from him so far!

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