Monday, November 24, 2008

Belated Birthday Celebration

The thing about my wife is that she tends to surprise me most of the time. She puts in a lot of thoughts into everything and although she tend to over-analyse at times, she has never failed to amaze me.

She threw a "almost" suprise party for Ryan. And because my birthday wasn't very far off, she decided to incorporate that in as well.

She organised the buffet lunch and catering. She took care of the inviting (mostly families). She ordered the cakes (yes, that is plural, not a grammatical error).

Here is the cake she gotten for Ryan.

Her instruction was "make it colourful, and skip the pink"

It was a big suprise, isn't it? The cake itself was almost a work of art. It was pre-cut and decorated one piece by one piece.

She then ask me if i am ready for my cake.

All she told the woman was "please include Swim, Bike and Run".

Well, technically she got the bike wrong, but the whole concept was nothing less than perfect.

The event went well, as expected. Everyone were there to catch up. The gifts were nothing short of great. Ryan was in love with some of the item - the tricyle and a pair of Crocs in Tigger print, which he wore to sleep that night (we did not wear it for him, he slip it in himself).

As for me, some of the gifts are already put into good use when i went cycling yesterday.

Thank you all for coming. Thank you wifey, for organising such party. You are nothing short of being simply amazing.

And i know you know that.

Love ya!

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