Monday, November 03, 2008

Sunday Kitchen Mayhem

Me and wifey had chicken chop on Saturday for our dinner. Simple marinade made from ginger, salt and L&P sauce does the magic.

It was simple and wholesome.

Eggs, Baby Corns, Grilled Chicken and Mash Potatoes

The new K770i is a wonder when it comes to taking pic. Never did i seen the pics any sharper and clearer. :)

Sunday was All Souls day and i was given the most important task by wifey - take care of the kids while she and family goes to clean the grave.

I then met up with her and family at the church to visit my late father in law.

Ryan has been telling me that "Grandpa go home ah?".

The strange thing is he calls my father Ah Kong and not grandpa. He knows which one is Ah Kong, who is Ah Ma (my mum), who is grandma (my mum in law) and who is who, generally.

I've told wifey maybe my late father in law came to visit his grandkids. More so as We've not brought Nadia to show him yet!

Grandpa...YAM Seng?

By the way, off track a bit...


Back to the blog entry.

So, anyway, we brought Nadia to my late father in law's place at the church and showed him, Nadia. :)

Later, we went for a brunch at PJ State and then back home for some R&R.

And that was when the baking mayhem started.

We produced 3 totally different cake yesterday.

Wifey produced one chocolate brownies with raisins and walnut bits.


The chocolate topping was an added gave a more "wholesome" taste to the brownies.

Then, as the brownies was being baked, wifey with her expert baking hands created her masterpiece - carrot cake.

She threw in nuts pieces for some extra zing.


And while that was being baked, i decided to make one sponge cake for the office mates. Obviously making one cake won't be enough and to save time (and experiment), i decided to double the recipe and created 2 sponge cake at once into one mould.

Needless to say, it was a gamble and it paid off.

Sponge at the front, Brownies and Carrot Cake in the background

The cake i bake was nothing compared to wifey's uber delicious cake.

After that, we went out to Ikano just to jalan-jalan and to chill. Turn out, it was a great decision as we managed to grab 2 units of 2gb M2 memory card from that IT store at the top floor for RM38 each. With 2gb of memory, i can afford to set all the pics taken to full resolution (3.2megapix) and happily snap away.

We also managed to buy some fresh mushroom at the bargain corner and some brocolli to cook for dinner.

I then fried the mushroom with the brocolli with garlic and balsamic vinegar and threw in one piece of cheddar cheese for that final touch.

We bought some mince meat and i fried it until fragrant and threw in one egg for that unmistakenable eggy smell and taste and put it on top of a steam tofu to complete the dish.

Needless to say, the day spent at home was totally worth it.

And the sponge cake, it lasted until just past lunch hour in the office pantry.

It's happy to see people around you enjoy your cooking and baking!

Especially them!

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