Thursday, November 13, 2008

It's My Birthday. I am 32 Years Young.

It is my birthday today.

The meeting today was long and tiredsome, but we were all rewarded by the Milan office boss to a classic Italian dinner.

From Incoherent Ramblings

The higher management guys

Rissoto, penne pasta and blue cheese in carbonara sauce as starter. Main were
grilled baby squid and beef cooked rare, served with potatoes.



Dessert were TIRAMISU and I tell you…it was damn heavenly and it tasted like those mille crepe that was sold in Sect 17.

It was top off with some lemon liquer that was half frozen in the freezer.

Jet Lag starting to come in and I figured by the time I am used to the biorhythm, it’s time to head home!

I might not be able to update much after today as Internet is not cheap and the meetings doesn’t allow me to get connected. But I will do my best to update with more pics when I have the chance, so come back for more.

OK, it's almost 0130 here in Milan. outside temp is about 5 degree C and wind is at 9km/h. It is forecasted to be raining heavily later today and that would meant it will get colder. News has it that Northern Italy already snowing. Will i be lucky to see snow before i leave?

And thanks in advance with the wishes! (damn kaw perasan right?)


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