Monday, November 24, 2008

Sunday DU - Putrajaya Lone Express

Start time : 0600
End time : 0900
Total bike time : 2:45
Total distance : 79.5km
Ave Speed to Putrajaya : 28.3km/h
Ave Speed Total : 28.6km/h
Max Speed : 63.4km/h

Decided to do my own solo ride. It was between Damansara Utama (DU) to Genting Sempah and back or Damansara Utama to Putrajaya KLIA toll and back. I reckon i should be able to get about 70km.

That would beat me going around DU-Hartamas-Kepong 4 times to get the same distance.

Initial ride were supposed to start at 5am. But Ryan woke up and i felt bad just leaving wifey to tend to him. He can be very demanding when he wakes up at those ungodly hours.

I only managed to leave by 0600 and headed towards SPRINT highway and subsequently to Kerinchi Link. I cycled a short distance through Federal Highway before going into the East-West link (that would be Fed Highway to Cheras). I entered E20 (Putrajaya Highway) at Exit 2202 after the SMART tunnel entrance from Cheras.

My initial worry of not finding the entry of this highway kinda puts me off a bit and that was the reason why i considered Genting Sempah. But at those hours, Genting Sempah would be totally pitch black and won't be any fun either. (Hats off to Heckler, who pedal through this portion at 0630 for his 90km bike ride to Janda Baik).

So, between total darkness (and possibly bumping into things that only comes out at night/early morning) and uncertainties of finding the entrance to Putrajaya Highway, i took the Putrajaya option.

As expected, this route has enough flat, climb and downhill almost similiar to the undulating Langkawi Ironman route.

I took the opportunity to fine tune The Devil a bit. Raised the aerobar angle before the ride and fine tune it midway at the toll plaza.

Too Steep, not compfy and had to reach out further

It was almost magic when the ride suddenly became so comfy and i stayed aero throughout my ride, except stopping at traffic lights and climbing really steep route. Previously, i had the bar too flat, resulting in me stretching a bit further and puttinf strain on the shoulder. Yesterday's experiment goes to show that minor adjustment would do wonder.

First 35km average speed

Whole 79.5km average speed

Maybe that explained the faster overall average? Usually, average speed will decline over time as you get more tired. But yesterday's trip was a surprise as i managed a much better average then when i was fresher and stronger.

I also turned the left shoe cleat in a bit, allowing my left foot's toe to point slightly more inwards towards the pedal. I think i managed to correct some biomechanic of my riding with that adjustment as well. It felt more comfy and i definately feel i had more juices left in the remaining of the ride.

I did not see anyone taking on this route yesterday. The weather was great. The sun was friendly (meaning warm to hot , but not so badly burned). The traffic was low (except on the return journey when passing Taman Desa and Federal Highway to Section 17 PJ). Only setback was this one particular chap that i supposed was one of the off duty highway authority that keep asking me to get off the highway. At one point, i was worried he will rob me and i was ready to pounce on him and give him one flying kick. He was seen with the highway patrol at the toll plaza, that was why i deduce that he was one of them.

Other than that, the ride was great. I will certainly do it again. If i cycle from Shazly's place, it was only a 6km distance more, which i could easily made it up by cycling pass Hartamas, instead of going thorough Section 17.

And doing it alone was sort of nice too, since there won't be any chances of me cycling with someone in the IM race.

Do it again factor? Very High. Just need to wake up earlier to finish on time to get to work by 0830.

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