Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ryan's Birthday Celebration

My boy turned 2 years old on 18th, as you all know. Wifey took him out for some free and easy at the local mall.

Gave him all the chances and freedom to ride any kiddy ride he ever wanted.

And we were disappointed as he did not show any interest in any of those rides! (phew!).

We went for a dinner at RSC and i was surprised to see my mum eating more than she usually does.

We then adjourned back home and wifey bought Ryan one birthday jelly cake.

And it is like he knows it is his cake, he stood up on chair, i lighted the candle and he was like so excited.

We sang Happy Birthday and he was like clapping and singing along and he then blew out the candles.

I can't help it but to light it up again and sing him anohter round and he blow them off again.

It is such joy to see your own son doing that, really.

And did Nadia got jealous?

Of course not, she can't stop laughing looking at the brother!

Love you both!

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