Sunday, May 16, 2010

Avent BPA bottle leaks?

It gets really frustrating when the bottles leaks. I am talking about those darn Avent BPA free bottles with watchamacallit leak ring...that leaks.

A few friends has asked us if we had the same problem. They were not alone or did they bought defective Avent bottles.

Thanks to Crunchy and his wife, the solution has been found. This is like heaven-sent as we were this close (very close) to dump these bottles into the rubbish bin.

Credit to again, Crunchy and his wufe. Thank you!!!

Click here to see light at the end of the bottles.


  1. Thanks for this. LOL! I've been having the same issue for er.. a long time.

  2. Thanks to Crunchy and his wife! :D We changed the bottles twice only to realise there is nothing wrong!

  3. haha i thought the leak problem was an occasional shit-happens thingy!

  4. Tank bro - we thought so too, until it became more frequent.