Monday, May 31, 2010

Road To IronMan Busselton 2011 Started!

I've been slacking and to a certain extend, i am wondering how i would qualify as a speaker for the upcoming beginners' running seminar that will be held on the 5th June in Damansara Perdana. I know i have to start doing what i have been doing and this year's Wesak has been exceptionally different for me in many ways and i've decided to keep the momentum going.

To start with, my Mum-In-Law is recovering and i only have the doctor and especially Dr. Hisyam to thank for (family is ultra grateful to him. It is his birthday today!!! Have a great one Doc!)

Then Ryan has transitioned to a different Kindie with NO DRAMA. It is always difficult when kids are put through changes and as young as him at three years old going four, subtle changes such as from the Montessori system to full-fledge "no-nonsense-school-type" kindie is daunting even for me as a parents!.

Right after that, the family were blessed with a big-great opportunity that is hard to resist and a quick decision and balance of the bank (or whatever balance there were!) has us committing to something really big - something i don't think myself or wifey even ever dreamt off.

And i went 100% vegetarian on Wesak Day - I did not even taste the porridge wifey cook for the kids when i fed them.

I see the above as sign that things are starting to get moving and ripe and i shalt not deny the force.

Just like that, on Saturday, i went on a solo bike ride on DUKE, which happened to be my first ride in three months since Ironman Langkawi on 27th February and my very first virgin DUKE route.
It was a 61km ride which i had so much in my mind that i thought off and it was all over in 2H45Min and i truly enjoyed it. I cycled past Taman Melawati over the long straight 3km distance to the roundabout and there were so much nostalgic that overcame me.
I could only smile.
The body reacted really well to the ride and i believe i am on my way to recovery (blood hemo issues).
On Sunday, the morning rain gave me a chance to skip the long awaited run i've wanted to do and out of the blue, i geared up and went for a run at 4-freaking-hot-pm.
The temperature at the signboard at 1Utama says it was running at a bearable 35degreeC which might translate to a cool 40degreeC on the ground.
Yet, i soaked it all up and took the road like how i used to - to just let the legs take me.
I initially wanted to just run to the park and back. But why just run to the park when the fun is on the highway?
Detoured onto Pencala Link and it was one of the best ever (again, nostalgic) run i've had for the past one year.
I remembered how it was to be running at 2pm in the afternoon in the preparation to my first Ironman Langkawi. How i scared myself when i started pee-ing blood due to my kidney shutting down. Or how i found out apple reacts badly to body heat when stored in a running pouch during a 30km 2pm run. Those were what made me to be what i am today.
And on Sunday, i re-lived it.
Infact, i was so engrossed with the run i took the wrong turn-off and headed right into Mutiara Damansara when my intended route was back onto LDP. That meant extra distance and route that i am not familiar with. Still, i took it in my stride (slow though). 9.3km done in 1H25Mins.
Again, the body did not complained a single bit and i felt perfectly fine. No pain. No drama. Just sweet re-introduction to the things i love in life - multisports!
I am now officially training for PD Tri, 2XU run, Kinabalu Run-up The Sky, Powerman and ultimately for Ironman Western Australia 2011. I've set my aim and i've set my target and hang on my dearest reader - for i am back to update all of you with boring training logs!
Well, if there is any bonus, you get to enjoy my Project365 which started on Wesak Evening itself in between those training logs.
And i see myself giving back in my own ways to the community via talks/seminars such as the one organised by DailyMuscle.
Life, as they said, Could Only Get Better!
Welcome Back!


  1. Go Stupe go!!! No Ironman in Malaysia next year, so no Ironman for me larr :(

  2. Kam - lets hope there is one closer to home soon.