Monday, November 15, 2010

Damansara Utama Zone A Family Day

Last Saturday, the area i now call home had a gathering for the resident. It is sort of a belated Deepavali gathering and an excuse for the folks to get together.

In these days and time when everyone are paranoid about security and MYOB (mind your own business), neighbours do not know each other anymore, or how we used to know our neighbour when we grow up.

It felt like just yesterday that i was still growing up in Ulu Klang. My neighbourhood is very muhibbah and we know each other so well that we do gather around for gossips too. Those days make "desperate housewives" looked like a PG-13 storyline.

My family has been staying in Damansara Utama for the past 2 years, almost three and we realised that "semangat kejiranan" is not dead!

Here are some pics taken from last Saturday. The kids had fun, i bet the adults too had their fair share of fun.

More photos here : DU Zone A Family Day

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