Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Of Deepavali, Birthday, Terry Fox and More

The weekend started on Thursday night or Deepavali eve when we (myself and wifey) decided to bring the kids to Brickfields to soak up some festivities. Living in a multi-cultural country and we growing up having friends from all races, we see it as very important to let the kids be exposed to all these events in a very very early stage. We believe this will beat any 1Malaysia or any war-cries the politicians shout everyday.

Brickfields is also known as Mile15 by the Malaysian Chinese. It denotes Mile15 to Klang. That was where the old road that runs through before Federal highway and all the highway was built. In fact, i felt that the government's initiative to make Brickfields the "Little India" of Malaysia is too pompous. I see Klang to be a better candidate and other parts of the country with a large Malaysian Indian community such as Penang to actually be more appropriate.
Why Brickfields and not Georgetown or even Klang?

And by the way, Chinatown or Petaling Street should be renamed as Nepalese Street or Bangladesh Street.

So, we made our way to Brickfields, the Little India. Immediately after turning right from Jalan Bangsar, we were greeted with traffic jam. Then we passed an Arch that says "Little India".

OK, this certainly don't look like India. Seriously. I still smell Brickfields in the air!

Then upfront, there was this huge fountain with elephants in it. Colorful i would say. Even the trees has blue lights hanging like in dream land.
Brickfields was a hustle of activities. The streets turned one way. Which wasn't entirely a bad thing unless you want to use Brickfields to get to Taman Seputeh. The Jalan Tun Sambathan road become one way all the traffic light at the Mobil/Public Bank/YMCA junction.

This also meant that people taking the Monorail will have to walk a bit further to be connected to the buses that plies Tun Sambathan.
Flashy old car that really felt lost in Little India, unless you are talking about British Colonisation again.
According to the paper, this upgrade is just Phase 1 where the outer portion or Jalan Tun Sambathan was revamped. The inner part was still the same with the same amount of potholes and brothels (though it was said that those brothels were to be closed). This is a perfect example how one would mask something not nice with something nice. 
Despite that, i believe the community in Brickfields was grateful for the "upgrade". Some would say it is money well spent. Government says it has impressed the Indian Prime Minister entourage. Ministers stood proud that they played a part to give back to the community.

Little do these ministers realise, that in Kapar, their fellow Malaysian Indians are living below hardcore poverty, earning RM300/month with no roof over them.
Metal sculpture that cost a few thousands perhaps?
The kids adore the festivities. The music and noise and color, who won't? I always pride myself for growing up knowing others' culture. I intend to keep it that way. In fact, it was wifey's idea in the first place to go for the celebration. Did you even notice that Ryan has a colorful top to go with the celebration?
The tongue sticking out was because i believe my ancestor somehow has Kiwi blood. I could be Lomu's far far far relative for all the family knows.
Right before i reached the junction where KFC was situated, i saw with sad feeling how my fellow countrymen wasted themselves by buying cheap liquor and drinking it by the roadside. Hard-earned money wasted. Deepavali celebration muted. Sadness.

We crossed the street and headed towards the huge vegetarian restaurant at Brickfields. Cleanliness aside (though the place is rated B by DBKL), the food we had was pretty good.
Vegetarian Nasi Lemak. The Sambal was sweet and the condiment was simple and 100% vegetarian (meaning no onion or garlic - otherwise known as bulbs vegetable).

Wifey had appam manis...which the waiter forgot to give us brown sugar. Perhaps they must be thinking what is a cinapek family doing in Brickfields.

We ended the Pre-Deepavali lepaking by getting the kids two ballons. It made them happy for the next three days.
But i am sure the project has made those on the billboard happier for the next couple of years.

The following day, i brave the sun with my newly given sunblock lotion from Ocean Potion. Read about it here

The last time i cycled was during the heartbreaking PD Tri which i think "dicing with my life" brought a surreal feeling looking back today. Glad to say my blood iron level has reached normal couch potato level (at least 10mg/l) and i can be an average joe again in sports. I was very excited about the bike ride. It will be the first time i ride with Kok Aik. A fellow buddy that i know from Tri-races. In fact, his first road bike, a Colnago, is still with me in the store room. :) Friendships are built from most unlikely people and who knows that the token amount i paid for got me another friend for life?
The Steel Machine making her debut dring the last A'Formosa Tri in 2007
Kok Aik's story is also an inspirational one. We were bonded by the quest to be Ironman. But in late 2008, he met with an accident when he was riding alone on Genting Sempah. Thank goodness for another cyclist (Cecil) and his wife (Lisa), Kok Aik got the help he need and since then, recovered from a few broken ribs and bones.

His only complain was that he could not find who took his Oakleys after the accident.

A year later in 2010, he raced the long delayed Ironman together with the rest of us. Needless to say, he finished way ahead of me. That was overcoming his own limits in it's own way.

Deepavali morning ride was a slow 65km from his place in Ulu Kelang to Genting Sempah and back. He was fast on the flats and uphills. I was fast on the downhill. it help that i was heavier. But in reality, Kok Aik was being cautious after the accident. I don't blame him and i too, took the opportunity to go slow on the downhill for once - i will need a rested leg when pedaling back.
Needless to say, it was a cool 35km/h average on the way back - i left my legs somewhere between HOA and UIA Gombak.

The rest of the day was spent quietly with the family. Though you would know that the statement is an oxymoron when you have two kids at home.

On Saturday, there was a birthday to attend to. Shazly's daughter turned 8 and this call for some celebration. A drive to his place in outskirt PJ was called for and the kids were excited nonetheless.
You realised you are getting old when your friends' kids start calling you uncle. You are no longer the Abang they know, no longer the Ko-Ko they can relate to.
Uncle Papa! hahahah!
Luckily i taught Kok Aik's kids to call me Uncle Handsome. Phew!
Sunday was a big day. The kids will be running their first unofficial road race. Terry Fox Run at Titiwangsa. This year, the company decided to champion the cause and be part of the many contributors to the Terry Fox Cancer Research.

We all know someone that has cancer - be it alive or passed away. In my 34 years of life, i've came across many. Both my grandfather, one uncle, one aunt passed away because of cancer. Two friends passed away because of cancer. And my action of wearing Sarong on Terry Fox Run was just an extension of what has already been done by my running community to remember Ngae.
The Tri-Family
The kids ran themselves silly and i believe they would had covered about 1.5km on Sunday. That is a far distance for someone that young. Nadia shows very good knee lift when running and the "kickback" were perfect as i noticed she runs on her forefoot.
Ahh...a champ in the making perhaps!

Later in the afternoon, we took a raincheck on Yusran and decided to let the kids rest before going to Deva and Shobana to wrap up the Deepavali weekend.

It is always nice to be with friends you grow up with. They are like your brothers and sisters. I am truly blessed with this extended family.
That night too, Ryan continue to hijack my point and shoot and took some very interesting photos. In fact, some looked even better than the one i took on the more expensive dSLR!
And my favourite that makes me proud and happy was this last photo i am ending today's post with. I call it the Knob.
So, there you go. A whole 4 days of update. more than i ever blogged in the past 3 months. :) Thanks for reading!


  1. wah, yr kids inherit your bakat & energy for running & photo shooting!

    love that photo of June.

  2. Fizi -they potentially could be better with the right encouragement and support. :)

    it takes at least 3 generations to change gene/dna as per research by some scientist, so if this is indeed true, their children will make malaysia proud :)

    That of course, is assuming that they decided to be active and make sports part of their lifestyle. :)

    And for June - always happy to see her laughing heartily. :)

  3. Err.. i think u work out toom uch wei!
    Every week? Every run? Every race?

  4. TNG - i work hard...so play harder lor.